Facebook targets lower end mobile devices

Social networking giant Facebook this week extended its reach to thousands of lower tier handset models with the launch of a Java-based application created by developer Snaptu.

Facebook aims to be communications hub

Social networking giant Facebook expanded its communications offering late Monday, seeking to position itself as an aggregator of content across all messaging mediums.

EA strikes virtual gold with Facebook

Games publisher Electronic Arts, which is currently upping its game in the mobile space, has entered into a five year strategic relationship with Facebook to develop and promote a virtual currency.

Jajah launches Facebook voice call app for Blackberry

IP telephony outfit Jajah, which was bought by Spain’s Telefonica earlier this year, has released what it claims is “the first true calling solution for Facebook”. The service, dubbed Social Call, which launched Tuesday as a beta trial for Blackberry devices, lets users establish single click calls to any Facebook friend who is online, the firm said.

Facebook in talks with Skype over onsite VoIP

Monster social network Facebook is understood to be in discussion with VoIP player Skype over the integration of voice call and messaging capabilities between Facebook users. Facebook has over 500 million users and Skype has around 560 million.

Facebook launches ‘Places’ location-enabled service

Facebook, the largest social network in the world with more than half a billion users, has launched a location-enabled service element that lets smartphone users publicise their whereabouts through the site. Users can also tag friends who are with them, and locate other friends that may be nearby. The service chimes with many of the location-based service concepts touted within the mobile industry when LBS first rose to prominence a decade or more ago.

Twitter hints at business model

It wasn’t the mobile advertising platform many were expecting, but social network Twitter certainly caused a stir with the launch of its @anywhere initiative, which does, er, something.

Twitter used for ‘pointless babble’ shock

A recent study on what social networking platform Twitter is really used for has discovered that it’s not the marketer’s dream many think it to be. In truth, the research suggests, it’s really just used to spout senseless babble.

Chamath Palihapitiya, VP of growth, mobile and international, Facebook

Charged with growing usage of Facebook around the world and on the mobile platform, Chamath Palihapitiya appears to be performing well. A recent study of UK users between the ages of 16 and 35 revealed that more than a third of the surveyed demographic regularly accesses Facebook accounts from their mobile phone. This is more than the number that access Bebo, Twitter and Myspace combined.

Moto’s Karma is mid range chameleon

Here’s something you don’t see very often – a new handset announcement from Motorola. Chasing the social networking bandwagon a little later than everyone else, the Moto Karma QA1 is a more consumer focused BlackBerry-style device.

Predicting the next Twitter

Boffins at De Montfort University Leicester, UK, have put together a team tasked with predicting the next big thing in terms of communication technologies, in a bid to tackle ethical pitfalls before they become a problem.

Social networking for the cellular community

Industry body the GSM Association (GSMA) has launched a website that it hopes will become the go to social network for companies that operate in the cellular industry. Much like popular social networks such as Facebook or, perhaps more appropriately, the social network targeted at executives, LinkedIn, the beta version of Mobileinnovation.org enables individuals to […]

Facebook eyeing up Twitter?

More crazy money talk was being bandied around in the world of social networking this week as it emerged that Web 2.0 giant Facebook has been eyeing up Twitter as a potential acquisition. Facebook, much the darling of the mobile space at present, if recent deals are anything to go by, is believed to have […]

Voda plugs into Web 2.0 with Facebook app

UK-based mobile operator Vodafone began trialling an interesting service this week, one which enables any UK mobile user to send text messages from Facebook. Vodafone Connect to Friends is a Facebook plugin which allows users to send text and picture messages from their PC or laptop to anyone, even non-Facebook users. The smart thing is, […]

Nokia thinking of befriending Facebook

The big rumour doing the rounds this week is that Finnish handset giant Nokia is looking to buy a stake in social networking website Facebook. Although Nokia is cultivating its own social networking site, Mosh, as part of its Ovi mobile services initiative, it appears that a deal is underway that will see Facebook plastered […]


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