Vodafone tries again with femtocell proposal

Just days after launching the iPhone in the UK market, mobile operator Vodafone has revisited an initiative to get mobile data off its macro network and onto the fixed line pipes.

Sprint switches into Overdrive

There seems to be a growing interest in mobile broadband hotspots, in the operator community at least, which may seem a little strange given the recent noise about femtocells and moving traffic off the macro network.

SFR launches femtocells in France

French operator SFR became the second European carrier to commercially introduce femtocells this week, following Vodafone’s UK launch in July.

NSN, China Mobile test TD-LTE femtocells

As LTE continues to gather industry momentum, vendors and operators are turning their attention to the problem of indoor coverage, which has dogged 3G deployments worldwide.

Femto backers unveil Android app

Femtocell supporters are looking to the Android handset platform to help drive a business case for the technology, on Wednesday unveiling a multi desktop app that changes in proximity of a femtocell.

Femtos to save $5bn, but only if ops do their homework

The number of femtocells deployed by the end of 2013 is estimated to exceed the 40 million mark, with 22 million units added in 2013 alone, according to analyst research released Tuesday. Industry analyst and telecoms.com parent, Informa Telecoms & Media, said this installed base could help operators to offload up to 8 per cent […]

Femtocells offer helping hand to WiMAX

Femtocells have been making waves in the cellular industry for some time now and were high on the agenda at this year’s mobile event in Barcelona. But proponents of the technology are in Amsterdam this week to raise awareness of the technology’s potential for WiMAX operators. Speaking at the Global Congress’ free seminar programme, Simon […]

Femto Forum wins backing of big guns

The Femto Forum, an industry body promoting femtocell technology, has had a busy few months. When it launched in July, the big question was whether the major equipment vendors would sign up to the organisation. But with a member base that has gone from seven to 40 in three months, that question has been answered. […]

Femtocells drive fixed mobile substitution

Small indoor basestations, known as femtocells and picocells, will be the driving force behind fixed mobile substitution, according to research from industry experts, Analysys. The analyst group believes that femtocells will spur the migration of voice traffic from fixed to mobile networks, until 3G networks carry the majority of voice traffic. Femtocells will also undermine […]


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