Michael O’Hara, chief marketing officer, GSM Association

The GSMA has evolved to become one of the most powerful trade associations in the world, lobbying governments on everything from tax policy to pricing strategy and producing feature-length documentaries on the improvements that mobile has brought to the lives of people across the world.

Executive interview series: LTE

In our exclusive series of interviews some of the top CTOs in the industry discuss the technical benefits of LTE, its flexibility in terms of available spectrum and which spectrum they need to make a success of the technology.

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Social networking for the cellular community

Industry body the GSM Association (GSMA) has launched a website that it hopes will become the go to social network for companies that operate in the cellular industry. Much like popular social networks such as Facebook or, perhaps more appropriately, the social network targeted at executives, LinkedIn, the beta version of enables individuals to […]

Industry body pushes for greener base stations

Green issues remain high on the agenda for the mobile industry, with the GSM Association launching its Green Power for Mobile initiative on Thursday. The programme is tasked with the goal of helping the mobile industry use renewable energy sources, such as solar, wind, or sustainable biofuels to power 118,000 new and existing off grid […]

Sub-Saharan Africa: The $50bn investment

The GSM Association announced that the mobile industry plans to invest more than $50bn in sub-Saharan Africa over the next five years to provide more than 90 per cent of the population with mobile coverage. The investment will be used to extend the reach of GSM mobile networks, enhanced with GPRS, EDGE and HSPA technologies, […]

Untapped mobile broadband device market discovered

Mobile trade body the GSM Association (GSMA) and Microsoft believe that the addressable market for laptops with built in mobile broadband is in the region of 70 million units worldwide, amounting to some $50bn in potential revenues. The research released Tuesday claims to have discovered a ‘gap’ of potentially 46.5 million units between existing industry […]

GSMA lobbies Bangladesh on tax

The GSM Association today published a study it commissioned from consultants CRA International and lawyers Gilbert & Tobin, which apparently shows that Bangladesh would do well to cut its taxes on the mobile phone industry. Currently, there are duties payable on capital equipment, handsets, and even SIM cards. There is also a peculiar set of […]

Title: GSMA argues case for UMTS900

The GSM Association onMonday published a study prepared by industry analyst Ovum that argues in favour of refarming the GSM 900MHz band for 3G use. It’s a suggestion that the GSMA and most of the big carriers are known to be keen on ­ they are the ones with the 900MHz spectrum rights, after all. […]

GSMA continues Image Share push

The GSM Association (GSMA) and China Mobile on Wednesday announced the successful completion of multi-vendor trials of interoperable Image Share services. This service, which allows mobile users to share images with the person they are talking to whilst on a phone call, has been tested across Nokia, Ericsson, Siemens, Motorola, Samsung and Comneon applications and […]

Big guns explore potential for 3G notebooks

Industry body the GSM Association (GSMA) announced a collaboration with Microsoft on Tuesday, to research consumer trends and the mass market potential for notebook PCs with embedded 3G mobile broadband.The partnership aims to assess the opportunities to drive growth beyond business users to the majority consumer and small business users who need connectivity on the […]

GSMA sponsors mobile advertising

Mobile industry body the GSM Association (GSMA), launched its Mobile Advertising Programme on Tuesday, designed to drive the development and adoption of advertising on mobile phones. The programme is being led by the GSMA’s Mobile Media and Entertainment Group, and will work with players from across the marketing, advertising and mobile industry sectors to promote […]

GSMA makes a song and dance over Bollywood

At 3GSM World Congress renowned Indian film director Sanjay Dutt presented 10 short films by five directors as part of the Made for Mobile project, sponsored by the Sundance Institute and the GSMA. The complete film will be released in cinemas at the same time as the 10 individual shorts are distributed online. GSMA chief […]

GSMA backs NFC initiative

Members of the GSM Association (GSMA) said on Monday that they are coordinating an initiative to encourage a common approach to the implementation of Near Field Communications (NFC) on mobile phones. NFC is a short range wireless technology that enables a range of ‘contactless’ applications, such as payments or location based services for the mobile […]

Sundance Kid shoots movies for mobile

The GSM Association (GSMA) on Wednesday announced a partnership with the independent filmmakers group, Sundance Institute, to put short films on mobile devices. Sundance Institute – founded by Robert Redford – has been working for and with independent filmmakers for over 25 years and have set up a dedicated unit, Sundance Film Festival: Global Short […]

Roaming prices down 22% but is it enough?

The European Commission and the region’s mobile operator community remained at loggerheads on Tuesday, as the argument over mobile roaming charges escalated further. On one side, the GSM Association (GSMA) wheeled out a retail price index compiled by research and consultancy house AT Kearney, which claims that the average price for making and receiving mobile […]

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