US and EU menace Malaysia over Huawei

The Malaysian government has reportedly received separate letters from the US and EU, warning it of negative consequences if it allows Huawei kit in the country’s 5G networks.

Huawei urges cooperation in establishing AI goals

Huawei kicked off its yearly analyst summit by discussing the current state of digital transformation and then delved into where bleeding edge tech like ‘super AI’ might take society.

At whose expense will Open RAN thrive?

Figures for 2022 show that while the telecoms equipment sales rose in 2022 by 3%, it’s a declining rate of growth. For an influx of firms to turn up on the scene and make everything more diverse, someone’s surely got to loose market share.  

Huawei returns to growth

Chinese tech giant Huawei has announced its revenues for the first three quarters of the year, which indicate a return to growth.

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