Cisco invests in femto firm

Networking giant Cisco said Wednesday that it has made an investment in femtocell shop ip.access, giving it a stronger foothold in the mobile space. The company’s main source of revenue comes form its 2G picocell business at present, but ip.access has secured new funding from supporters for its Oyster 3G femtocell, which is currently in […]

IP.Access dangles femtocells afore Softbank

IP.Access is to supply Softbank with its UMTS femtocell solution, as well as another major carrier. According to CEO Stephen Mallinson, the Cambridge-based vendor’s devices are ready to ship, and telecoms.com got a look at one. The form factor is similar to essentially any other cable modem, home router, WLAN device or set-top box, but […]


Do you agree public funding should be used to support mobile operators to more broadly deploy Open RAN?

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