German iPhone sales disappointing

There seem to be concerns amongst the analyst community that the Apple brand isn’t strong enough outside of North America to compete with the big names in the handset space. On Tuesday, Deutsche Telekom’s domestic mobile unit, T-Mobile, announced that it has sold 70,000 iPhones on contract, since the device launched at the start of […]

AT&T pitches business plans for iPhone

AT&T, the first carrier to launch the Apple iPhone, has introduced a number of tariffs for business users, pitching the device at the professional market. Uses are still locked into a two year contract, but business customers see their voice and data plans divided separately. Customers choose a voice plan, then add one of three […]

Jobs catches Air at Macworld; updates iPhone

This year, the iPhone wasn’t the star of Apple frontman, Steve Jobs’, Macworld keynote. The much rumoured 3G version of the iconic device didn’t make an appearance, which is hardly surprising given that it’s only been available in Europe for a couple of months. However, Jobs did wax lyrical about the latest firmware update for […]

iPhone unlikely to reach China; MacWorld speculation

China Mobile and Apple are understood to have called off discussions over a potential launch of the iPhone in China. The pair are known to have been in discussions over a potential launch of the device since November, although no reason was given for the termination of the talks. Some believe that China Mobile, the […]

Trojan appears on unlocked iPhones

Security experts have identified what appears to be the first malicious software package specifically targeting unlocked Apple iPhones. Finnish security shop F-Secure said that the Trojan installation package contains false application installation information that causes legitimate third party applications to be removed when the Trojan is uninstalled from the iPhone. F-Secure said that the malware, […]

Google rejigs site for iPhone access

Internet giant Google said Wednesday that it has redesigned its mobile portal to better accommodate Apple iPhone users. Steve Kanefsky, a software engineer on the Google mobile team, revealed that the introduction of a device with a large touch screen, wifi and a full blown Safari web browser, prompted him to create an application that […]

Orange shifts 30,000 iPhones in 5 days

French mobile operator Orange said Wednesday that it has sold 30,000 Apple iPhones in the five days since the device launched November 29. At least 15,000 of those devices sold were also accompanied by a new subscription, according to Louis-Pierre Wenes, executive director in charge of operations for Orange France. Wenes did not say how […]

German court confirms iPhone exclusivity

German mobile operator T-Mobile is once again selling the Apple iPhone exclusively on its own network, after a Hamburg court overturned a ban recently won by rival Vodafone. Shortly after T-Mobile launched the iPhone on November 9, Vodafone Germany won a temporary injunction, forcing the company to sell a version of the device without a […]

T-Mobile selling unlocked iPhone for Eur999

German mobile operator, T-Mobile, has had its hand forced and is now selling unlocked Apple iPhones for the princely sum of Eur999. As we reported yesterday, Vodafone Germany has won an injunction against the iPhone’s exclusive German carrier, T-Mobile, forcing the company to sell a version of the device without a lock to the network. […]

Voda upsets German Apple cart

Californian cool peddler Apple, has had a spanner thrown into the works of its German iPhone strategy and could be forced to sell an unlocked version of the device in the country. On Tuesday it emerged that Vodafone Germany had won an injunction against the iPhone’s exclusive German carrier, T-Mobile, forcing the company to sell […]

O2 notes shift to postpay contracts as iPhone launches

The iconic Apple iPhone went on sale in the UK and Germany on Friday evening, marking the start of a new wave of operator competition in some of the world’s most mature mobile markets. It’s too early to tell whether the device will be a boon to UK partner O2, but on Monday, the Telefonica-owned […]

Never mind the weather, here’s the iPhone

There’s a mix bag of reports about how well the European launch of the iPhone went on Friday. With all the hype over the past few months, I think the telecoms media expected hordes of people to be queuing up outside Apple stores in the UK and Germany way ahead of the evening launch. But […]

O2 hiring extra staff to deal with iPhone rush

Mobile operator O2 UK is hiring an extra 1,427 people to help it cope with demand for the Apple iPhone when it launches in the UK on Friday evening [at 6.02pm]. The operator said Tuesday that 700 new jobs will be added to its customer services team, while another 727 people are being recruited in […]

AT&T targets roaming iPhone users with data plan

US mobile operator AT&T has launched an international data plan target at Apple iPhone users roaming worldwide. The international plan gives iPhone owners 50MB of data per month and access in more than 29 countries, including Canada, China, Mexico and in areas throughout Europe and Asia. The Data Global Plan is available to AT&T iPhone […]

One tenth of all iPhones could be hacked

The group of hackers behind the AppSnapp application released this week claim that the tool has been downloaded over 140,000 times since the weekend. Unlike other applications designed to get the phone to make calls on networks other than the partner carrier, AppSnapp is a ‘jailbreak’ tool, which allows users to run third party applications […]

1.4 million iPhones in the wild

Californian electronics shop Apple reported that it has sold 1.38 million iPhones to date, after shifting 1.119 million in the third quarter. Apple introduced the iPhone on June 29 and sold its 1 millionth device 74 days later. The iconic device is due to reach European shores next month, first arriving in the UK and […]

Half of AT&T 3Q subs bought iPhone

It wasn’t just Apple’s own spirits being lifted by the success of the iPhone this week. Exclusive US carrier AT&T probably had a lot to thank Steve Jobs and co for as its wireless subscriber base topped 65.7 million at the end of the third quarter. AT&T added 2 million net subscribers during the quarter […]

Apple opens iPhone up to third party apps

Not content with releasing a SIM unlocked version of the iPhone, Apple front man, Steve “Jesus” Jobs just keeps the miracles coming. Now he’s promising to let third party apps run natively on the device. In a posting on the company site, Jobs spills the beans: “Let me just say it: We want native third […]

EDGE is at least as good as 3G for iPhone

Amid the hype and noise of the Apple iPhone launch in Europe, one of the main points of contention has been the lack of 3G in the device. Many expected the European version of the wonder phone to ship with a higher speed data connection and some operators even grumbled that lack of 3G was […]

Apple finally signs Orange France in iPhone deal

The speculation over the future of the Apple iPhone in France is finally over, as local mobile operator Orange signs an exclusive deal to deliver the iconic device. The failure of Apple and Orange to officially announce an iPhone partnership in France had caused a stir over the past couple of weeks. The respective announcements […]


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