Unlocked iPhones coming to France

Never mind all those hackers out there, trying to stay one step ahead of Apple by breaking the SIM lock on the iPhone. It looks like Apple might have finally come undone by its own desire to put the unit on shelves in France. Following Wednesday’s announcement that Apple and Orange have finally hammered out […]

iPhone hackers bite Apple back, beat update

One of the numerous Apple iPhone hacking groups claims to have beaten the latest update from Apple, which rendered many iPhones useless. The guys behind iPhoneSimFree have released an updated hack, which they claim now works with any versions of the iPhone firmware, including 1.0.0, 1.0.1, 1.0.2, 1.1.1. This means owners of hacked iPhones can […]

Boffins solve fat finger problem on devices

A group of US researchers have come up with a novel new interface for mobile devices, which puts a touch sensitive panel on the back of the unit. The idea is that users then have a full screen view to work with. The boffins claim the technology solves the problem of fingers getting in the […]

All may not be well between Apple and Orange

The failure of Apple and Orange to officially announce an iPhone partnership in France has been something of a curiosity for the past couple of weeks. The respective announcements from O2 UK and T-Mobile Germany came out as and when predicted, but the lack of something official from Orange France has raised a few eyebrows, […]

Poison Apple: hacked iPhones given kiss of death

It looks like Apple almost made good on its threats to brick hacked iPhones, when a software patch released Thursday night began systematically killing off modified devices. Apple sent out a thinly veiled threat on Monday evening, warning iPhone owners that have hacked their devices to expect them to turn into fancy bricks. Earlier this […]

O2 rolls out flat rate data plan

UK mobile operator O2 announced the details of its flat rate data packages on Thursday. O2 is the last of the UK network operators to introduce a flat rate service. O2’s decision to introduce a data package is a result of the operator winning the contract to supply the Apple iPhone in the UK. After […]

Apple warns iPhone hackers

Apple sent out a thinly veiled threat on Monday evening, warning iPhone owners that have hacked their devices to expect them to turn into fancy bricks. Earlier this month, a number of hacker groups unleashed their wares upon the iPhone fan base, selling, and in some cases giving away, tools to unlock the device from […]

Apple releases first iPhone update

One month after launch, Apple has wheeled out its first update for the iPhone, primarily designed to rectify a number of security bugs in the Safari web browser. During the first month of launch, the iPhone has been dogged by security concerns after it emerged that there were a number of ways an iPhone could […]

iPhone going strong at AT&T

The Apple iPhone has only been available for a matter of weeks but it has already made an impact on the earnings of US cellco partner AT&T. The carrier reported net income of $2.9bn for the second quarter, compared with $1.8bn in the same period last year. The June 29 launch of the iPhone allowed […]

iPhone hacked already

In an unsurprising turn of events, a bunch of hackers working via IRC, released a tool earlier this week that allows iPhone owners to use their device with a AT&T prepaid account. This means iPhoners do not have to sign up for a two year contract with the carrier. Use of the iASign tool is […]

Update: T-Mobile explains iPhone appearance

T-Mobile Germany has come up with a viable excuse for the brief appearance of what was thought to be a promotional page for the Apple iPhone on the operator’s website on Monday. The German operator inadvertently started the rumour mill grinding, when what appeared to be a test page went up on the t-mobile.de website […]

Apple unveils iPhone service plans

We almost made it to the end of a working day without a sniff of a new iPhone story on Tuesday, and then Apple announced the service plans for the device. In keeping with Apple’s tactic of drip feeding new information as the final days to release tick down, revealing how much the device will […]

iPhone developer specs leaked

Boffins at the University of Washington Emerging Technology department have inadvertently leaked developer specs for the Apple iPhone, prior to its launch in seven days time. The posting on the department’s blog, which has since been removed but is still viewable through Google’s cache, consists of notes from the ‘Designing Web Content for the iPhone’ […]

Apple upgrades iPhone already

Just over a week to go until the most hyped device of 2007 hits the shops and Apple has decided to sneak in a last minute upgrade to the iPhone. On Monday, the Californian company revealed that it has squeezed another three hours of talk time out of the battery, taking it up to eight […]

iPhone spells churn for rival ops

Research firm M:Metrics said Friday that the 67 per cent of US consumers most inclined to purchase an Apple iPhone are subscribers on networks other than AT&T. It’s great news for AT&T and Rogers Wireless which have exclusive distribution rights for the much anticipated device in the US and Canada respectively, but potentially means increased […]

Handset market a lottery

Thirteen days to go until the Apple iPhone finally hits shelves in the US and still the hype machine is finding higher gears to shift into. But with so many questions still unanswered the only thing we can count on is that the arrival of the iPhone will change the face of the entire telecoms […]

iPhone to run third party web apps

Apple CEO Steve Jobs almost made a U turn on his decision to lock developers out of the iPhone on Monday, announcing that third parties would be able to make web-based apps for the device. According to an announcement made by Jobs, developers will be able to create Web 2.0 applications “which look and behave […]

iPhone will be locked to partner networks

Apple has dashed the hopes of consumers everywhere planning to pick up an iPhone without signing up for an AT&T subscription. A revelation by Charles Dunstone, chief executive of UK retailer the Carphone Warehouse, shows that Apple’s reach extends far beyond the handset and deep into the network itself. During Carphone’s results announcement Wednesday, Dunstone […]

iPhone to land June 29

A series of adverts that aired on US TV on Sunday night revealed that the long awaited Apple iPhone is due to be released on June 29. The ads showed off some of the gadget’s features, such as web surfing, email and video and promised that the device would only be available on the new […]

Second gen. iPhone in production?

A rumour circulating around the Chinese language press on Tuesday suggests that Apple has contracted Taiwanese manufacturer Quanta Computer to build the second generation iPhone. Quanta, which mostly makes laptops but also builds an XDA PDA for O2 and the iPaq for HP, is reportedly gearing up for a run of 5 million iPhones in […]


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