UN sets “ambitious but achievable” broadband targets

The UN’s Broadband Commission for Digital Development has set four new targets for governments across the world to ensure citizens have sufficient broadband access. The targets, which the UN described as “ambitious but achievable” address broadband policy, affordability and uptake.

More spectrum reserved for wireless broadband

The World Radiocommunication Conference, which took place in Geneva last week, concluded with the adoption of an international treaty to increase the spectrum available for mobile broadband services. The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) adopted a proposal led by African Governments to identify a swathe of UHF spectrum for the provision of mobile broadband services in […]

WiMAX approved as 3G standard

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is expected to announce that WiMAX has been approved as a 3G IMT-2000 standard on Friday. The move will allow WiMAX deployments to occupy globally allocated frequency bands and complement or compete with other 3G technologies. The agreement is understood to have been reached in an ITU meeting held late […]

ITU, GSMA tackle digital di

The ITU and the GSM Association (GSMA) joined forces on Tuesday in a bid to tackle the digital divide in some of the world’s least developed markets. During the meeting of the Global Symposium for Regulators taking place in Dubai this week, Hamadoun Toure, secretary general of the ITU, and Tom Phillips, chief of government […]