TIM network buyout delay favours KKR

TIM’s board meets as scheduled on Friday to discuss KKR’s offer to buy into the telco’s networks business, despite the fact that the firms have pushed back their deal deadline by a month to accommodate a request from the government.

KKR’s TIM bid could prove to be a stalking horse

TIM last week confirmed that it has received a new offer from KKR for its network assets, but while it has committed to examining the bid, it has made it clear that it is also open to other options.

Italian government not wedded to single network

The Italian government this week made it clear that having a publicly-owned high-speed network covering the whole country is its end-goal, not necessarily bringing together the existing infrastructure into one single network.

KKR and Iliad reportedly interested in TIM network

KKR and Iliad are among those interested in making a bid for TIM’s network assets, it emerged in recent days, with the former purportedly keen to broker a deal by partnering with the Italian government.

Telefonica buys back submarine cable stake

Telefonica is spending a couple of hundred million euros to buy back a stake in its submarine cable business that it sold to KKR almost exactly five years ago.