LiMo builds bridges to operator community

Keen to increase its relevancy across all industry areas, mobile Linux evangelist group the LiMo Foundation is looking to build bridges with the recently formed Wholesale Applications Community.

Vodafone cheers on developers with 360 vision

Vodafone 360, the UK operator’s social media interface and aggregation platform is making some headway. The UK firm said Tuesday that more than 7,000 apps have been made available to customers across eight European markets in the three months since the service launched.

Morgan Gillis, executive director LiMO Foundation

For all the noise that Google and Symbian might make about the open source nature of their handset operating systems, they are still driven by single vendors. The LiMO Foundation, says Morgan Gillis, is genuinely free of a dominant corporate leader. And Gillis has the responsibility of proving that such an environment can generate an operating system that is truly competitive to those that are more obviously steered.

LiMo picks up speed with carrier commitments

Linux remains high on the agenda with regards to mobile handset operating systems but some degree of fragmentation looks likely to remain. This week, a handful of major operators committed to rolling out devices this year based on the LiMo Foundation’s flavour of Linux. NTT DoCoMo, Orange, SK Telecom, Telefonica, Verizon Wireless and Vodafone, have […]

Voda makes mobile Linux push but not with Android

The World’s Largest Carrier in terms of Revenue, Vodafone, has given a clear indication that Linux will remain a major part of its handset platform line up going forward. On Thursday, Big Red said that it has tapped open mobile OS company Azingo to develop applications for mobile phones based on the LiMo platform. LiMo […]

LiMo wheels out new handsets

Mobile Linux collective, the LiMo Foundation, announced a raft of new handsets to ship with the operating system on Monday. Seven new devices from Motorola, NEC and Panasonic bring the total number of LiMo devices available to 21 and introduce features such as HSDPA roaming capabilities, GPS, mobile TV and advanced video streaming. A not […]

Mobile Linux players band together

Consolidation in the mobile operating system space continued on Thursday as two Linux groups merged operations. From the start of next month, the Linux Phone Standards (LiPS) Forum will fold its activities and membership into the LiMo Foundation, pooling efforts and resources to help unify Linux-based mobile platforms and accelerate the emergence of common mobile […]

Verizon, Mozilla take seat in LiMo

Open mobile Linux initiative, the LiMo Foundation, opened its doors to a handful of new players on Wednesday, including another heavyweight carrier, Verizon. New additions to the forum also include browser platform Mozilla, as well as Infineon, Kvaleberg, Red Bend Software, Sagem Mobiles, SFR, and SK Telecom, expanding LiMo’s membership to 40 since the foundation’s […]

LiMo opens door to Open Handset Alliance

Mobile Linux movement, the LiMo Foundation, has welcomed the launch of the Open Handset Alliance and Google’s Android initiative. But given that both groups share a number of key members, the news is hardly surprising. A handful of telecom powerhouses banded together in January of this year to form the mobile Linux collective. Motorola, NTT […]


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