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MTN teams up with Mastercard on mobile wallets

Africa’s leading mobile operator MTN has partnered with payment platform Mastercard to add online payment functions to its mobile wallet for user across its fintech footprint.

FCC points net neutrality finger at AT&T

The FCC has written to AT&T SVP Robert Quinn to cast a shadow over the telcos plans to offer DirectTV as a zero-rating proposition, citing net neutrality concerns.

US smartphone penetration still only 64% – survey

A new survey conducted by US polling house Pew Research Center has revealed 64% of US adults own a smartphone. While this is almost double the population penetration of four years ago, it’s still relatively low for such a developed country that is, after all, the home of Apple and Android.

Record $19.2B invested in mobile Internet in past 12 months – study

A study conducted by financial advisory and analyst firm Digi-Capital has revealed the mobile Internet industry has benefited from a record level of investment in the past year. According to the report, mobile Internet investment peaked at $19.2 billion (£12 billion) in the 12 months up to Q3 2014.

Brazilian mobile traffic on the rise

Brazil is showing an appetite for mobile internet, as internet traffic from non-PC devices, such as tablets, mobile phones and gaming consoles, has grown rapidly in recent months. Although non-PC device traffic accounted for just one per cent of total internet page views in August, this marks an increase of more than 60 per cent since May, according to comScore.

Meeting Consumer Expectations

In the age of the Mobile Internet, with 4G networks looming on the horizon and a rapidly expanding array of intelligent devices making their way to consumers, competition for subscribers among wireless service providers is fiercer than ever.

IPv4 internet addresses almost exhausted

Last week analysts predicted that global mobile data revenues will rise from an estimated $208bn in 2009 to over $330bn in 2013, driven by explosive growth in smartphones and dongles. But with legacy internet addresses almost exhausted, the internet community is running out of time to prepare for future demand.

The Real Mass Market: Mobile Data for All

Satisfying the developing world’s demand for value added services

In emerging markets without pervasive fixed telecommunication infrastructures, mobile phones keep populations connected and current with the rest of the world. Mobile web browsing is becoming the cornerstone of mobile content.

Social networking to drive mobile web growth

User generated content and social networking will be the driving forces behind the mobile internet, with the global market for Mobile Web 2.0 services forecast to be worth $22.4bn in 2013, up from $5.5bn in 2008. The key to this growth, according to industry analyst Juniper Research, is that the Mobile Web 2.0 provides an […]