Motorola Mobility

Lenovo completes Motorola Mobility acquisition

Lenovo has announced the completion of its acquisition of Motorola Mobility from Google, claiming that makes it the 3rd largest smartphone maker in the world. The company said it expects the mobile firm it purchased for a total of $2.91 billion to be profitable within four to six quarters.

Lenovo acquires Motorola Mobility from Google for $2.91bn

Chinese hardware maker Lenovo plans to acquire Google’s handset business Motorola Mobility for around $2.91bn. Lenovo said that the acquisition will give it a stronger presence in the North America and Latin America markets, as well as an entry route to the Western Europe market.

Motorola champions ‘hands-free’ device

Handset maker Motorola Mobility, a subsidiary of Google, has launched a smartphone designed to be primarily controlled by voice. According to the firm, the Moto X handset has an “active display” which constantly feeds new information to the user without the use of notifications and pop ups.

Google turns its back on India

The handset business of web giant Google has taken a further step towards reducing its presence in India after shutting down Motorola Mobility’s Indian website. The move follows an announcement made by the firm in August, when it said it will shrink its operations in India and lay off 4,000 employees in Asia as part of its restructuring efforts.

Google to axe 1/5 Motorola employees and close down 94 offices

Web giant Google plans to axe around 4,000 staff of Motorola Mobility’s workforce – which represents 20 per cent of the handset business’s total headcount, according to reports. In addition, 94 facilities – which represent around a third of the handset firm’s worldwide offices – will be shut down as Google continues its overhaul of its $12.5bn acquisition.