Moto breeds “media monster”

Motorola head honcho Ed Zander appears to be slyly fuelling speculation that the world’s second biggest handset vendor has finally come up with a design to boost its flagging handset portfolio. Speaking in a keynote at the Software 2007 conference in Silicon Valley on Wednesday, Zander reportedly teased attendees with the promise of a “media […]

Icahn fails to win seat on Moto board

Billionaire corporate raider, Carl Icahn, failed to win a seat on the board of Motorola, the world’s second largest handset manufacturer said Monday, after a preliminary count of shareholder votes at its annual meeting. Motorola said that stockholders re-elected the existing board of directors. The company will publicly announce the final results within a few […]

Moto adds manpower to handset unit

Motorola has beefed up the management at its ailing handsets division with the appointment of Alain Mutricy as senior vice president for platform technology within the Mobile Devices business. Mutricy’s move to Moto concludes an 18 year stint at Texas Instruments, where he mosts recently held the position of vice president. He will be responsible […]

Blows get lower in Moto versus Icahn battle

The ongoing spat between billionaire investor Carl Icahn and Motorola has taken a turn for the worst and turned into a ‘he said, he said’ personal quarrel. On Monday, Icahn, who has spent $1.2bn on an almost 3 per cent stake in Motorola, took out a full page ad in the Wall Street Journal, slamming […]

Handset vendors exploit Moto’s misfortunes

Although rankings did not change among the top five handset manufacturers during the first quarter of 2007, Motorola’s rivals have been ruthlessly exploiting the second placed vendor’s misfortunes. Motorola was the only vendor in the top five to lose market share during the quarter, slipping from 19.8 per cent to 17.7 per cent market share, […]

Icahn, Motorola row escalates

The row between billionaire corporate raider, Carl Icahn, and Motorola escalated on Wednesday as the company reported a first quarter loss of $181m, largely due to the flagging performance of the handset division. The world’s second largest handset manufacturer said that sales in the Mobile Devices segment came in at $5.4bn, down 15 per cent […]

Icahn writes directly to Moto investors

Motorola investors received a letter from the billionaire, Carl Icahn, Friday urging them to vote him on to the company’s board of directors. Citing the company’s “operational failures” Icahn’s attempted lure contains much about his achievements and his devotion to fixing the ailing handset maker. In the letter he said: “”My experience tells me that […]

Demand for Nokia N95 reaches fever pitch

While Motorola wallows in the disappointing performance of its handset portfolio, leading rival Nokia must be feeling smug at the consumer demand building up for its flagship N95 device. On Thursday, the Finnish vendor announced that the N95 has started shipping in key European, Asian and Middle Eastern markets. The feature rich device has drummed […]

Handsets continue to drag Moto down

Motorola’s handset division continues to be something of an albatross around the company’s neck, as chief executive Ed Zander cut first quarter revenue projections by over $1bn on Wednesday night. Motorola downwardly revised its first quarter guidance from between $10.4bn and $10.6bn to between $9.2bn and 9.3bn, prompted by lower than anticipated sales and operating […]

Icahn steps up battle with Moto

The billionaire corporate raider, Carl Icahn, stepped up his campaign to get a seat on the Motorola board Monday by increasing his stake in the company and initiating a proxy fight after demanding the firm give more return on its cash to investors. Last week Motorola advised its shareholders that it would not endorse his nomination to […]

330 jobs to go at Moto in Ireland

Handset maker Motorola will announce the loss of 330 jobs at its Cork plant in Ireland, Friday. In a statement to Irish broadcaster, RTE, Thursday night, the company confirmed that after extensive consultations with staff at the plant, no basis was found to continue its operations there. The jobs will go by the end of […]

Moto snubs Icahn board bid

Days after Motorola confirmed that billionaire financier Carl Icahn was to invest in the company, it has announced that it will not endorse his nomination to the board. The company has urged its shareholders “not to sign any proxy card” they receive from Icahn or his affiliates. In a proxy sent to regulators late Friday, […]

Icahn to invest $2bn in Moto

The billionaire investor, Carl Icahn, will buy $2bn (£1.02bn) of Motorola stock, the world’s second largest mobile manufacturer said Thursday. Icahn has been associated with Motorola since his comments in January about the company’s stock being undervalued. He also suggested Motorola reward investors with bigger paybacks, seen by some as a slight to Ed Zander, […]

Rocky road ahead for Moto

Motorola has warned that the first half of this year will be “rocky” but that improvements should come in the second half. The world’s second largest mobile manufacturer has seen its profits fall recently with weak Q4 results caused by a slowdown in the company’s mobile sales. The company has been criticised for allowing its […]

Goodbye Moto, hello Dell

Motorola, the world’s second largest handset vendor, said goodbye to Ron Garriques, the head of its mobile devices division late Friday. Garriques quit the position of executive vice president and president of the company’s Mobile Devices business after fourth quarter 2006 operating earnings for the unit dropped to $341m, compared $663m in the year ago […]

Billionaire Icahn steps up for Moto board

One of America’s richest and most influential businessmen, Carl Icahn, on Tuesday told mobile company Motorola that he hopes to be elected to its board of directors. Icahn, who made his name in the mid-eightees for his aggressive business style, filed a nomination notice with Motorola on Monday. He is best known for his takeover […]

Moto beefs up 3G platform

As if in response to analyst criticism of its 3G portfolio, Motorola on Monday announced an expansion of its relationship with Texas Instruments to include 3G, WiMAX and OMAP technologies. Under the deal, Motorola will develop 3G handsets based on processors from TI’s OMAP (Open Multimedia Applications Platform) 3 architecture. But handsets based on this […]

Linux proponents rev up LiMo Foundation

A handful of telecom powerhouses banded together on Friday for the official launch of mobile Linux collective, the LiMo Foundation. Motorola, NEC, NTT DoCoMo, Panasonic Mobile, Samsung and Vodafone intend to collaborate on a Linux-based software platform for mobile devices. A not for profit organisation, the foundation is aimed at blending the community-based development benefits […]

Moto’s “Whoa!” range leaked

Following its announcement to lay off 3,500 staff, Motorola has leaked information of a new series of Windows Q Smartphones that could be launched at the forthcoming 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona next month. During a financial analyst update webcast, Motorola’s Ron Garriques, president of mobile devices business, reportedly showed a slide outlining new HSDPA […]

3,500 jobs lost at Motorola

3,500 jobs are to be lost at the world’s second largest mobile phone maker, Motorola. The announcement comes days after the company announced a slump of 48 per cent in its revenues to $624m as it cut prices across its range in a bid to keep up with Nokia. Announcing the company’s results, CEO, Ed […]


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