Nokia drops new industry 4.0 apps

Kit vendor Nokia has launched four third-party apps on Nokia MX Industrial Edge, designed to offer all sorts of handy things in smart industry settings.

At whose expense will Open RAN thrive?

Figures for 2022 show that while the telecoms equipment sales rose in 2022 by 3%, it’s a declining rate of growth. For an influx of firms to turn up on the scene and make everything more diverse, someone’s surely got to loose market share.  

Nokia ponders the killer apps of 6G

The marketing drum of 6G has begun and Nokia is among those speculating on what it might do – such as chipping humans with NFC devices and scanners that can measure the bodily information of crowds.

Nokia and Kyndryl renew their business vows

Kit vendor Nokia and IT infrastructure firm Kyndryl have signed a new three-year agreement which will see collaboration on LTE and 5G private wireless services, Industry 4.0 offerings, and a new partner innovation lab.

Nokia doubles down on ESG

Finnish kit vendor Nokia has announced a new initiative designed to demonstrate how virtuous it is.