UK watchdog moves to clarify fixed broadband speeds

UK communications regulator Ofcom published a code of practice on Thursday to ensure greater clarity over consumer broadband line speeds in the UK. The watchdog said some 32 ISPs, covering over 90 per cent of UK broadband customers, have already agreed to honour the code to give consumers a clearer understanding of the speeds they […]

Phones4U investigated by watchdog

The UK communications watchdog has opened an investigation into high street retailer Phones4U. Ofcom said it has received a large number of complaints from consumers, covering a range of issues including allegations of mis-selling. It is understood that the British retailer is under fire over claims that its staff misrepresented mobile phone tariff terms and […]

UK gets multi-billon pound spectrum auction underway

UK communications regulator Ofcom moved a multi billion pound auction of radio spectrum into its initial phase on Thursday, paving the way for a new range of digital services. The “digital dividend” spectrum, which is in the much sought after UHF band currently used by terrestrial television broadcasters, is being freed up through the switchover […]

Ofcom comes down hard on BT Openreach

UK communications watchdog Ofcom is planning to force BT to pay out more compensation to its wholesale customers for failing to meet requirements. In its annual review of BT’s regulatory compliance, Ofcom expressed concern at the performance of the incumbent carrier’s Openreach division. As a result, the regulator has proposed BT makes greater compensation payouts, […]

Ofcom to release more broadband spectrum in 2008

UK communications watchdog Ofcom has announced details of an auction of high frequency radio spectrum to take place in January. The spectrum bands on offer are between the 10GHz and 40GHz bands and are capable of carrying large amounts of data over distances of up to 12 kilometres. The spectrum is suitable for a number […]

Europe gets in flight mobile usage off the ground

The chatter of mobile phone conversions could soon be a common occurrence on flights, as UK comms regulator Ofcom sets out proposals enabling airlines to offer mobile communication services. In the proposal released Thursday, Ofcom said its objective is to create opportunities for companies to develop innovative technologies and in particular to make the most […]

Ofcom greenlights UWB

UK communications regulator Ofcom passed a milestone in enabling wireless connectivity around the home on Thursday. The regulator scrapped the requirement to hold a licence to operate equipment using approved Ultra Wideband (UWB) technology. UWB allows the transfer of large amounts of data – up to 2Gbps – over distances of around 30 metres. The […]

Ofcom: Porting to take two hours

UK communications regulator Ofcom is seeking to reduce the time it takes to port a number from one mobile operator to another to two hours, down from the five days it takes at present. In a proposal published on Tuesday, the watchdog requested views on its proposal that, in just over two years, transferred numbers […]

UK spectrum auction delayed

UK communications regulator Ofcom has delayed the upcoming auction of additional spectrum in the 3G expansion band after intense lobbying from mobile operators. Speculation is rife that the that the so called UMTS Extension band might be opened up to other technologies, following the publication of a consultation paper on a possible major spectrum auction […]

Half of UK’s adults have broadband

More than half the UK’s adult population has a broadband connection at home, according to media and communications watchdog, Ofcom. In its Digital Progress Report on the broadband market, released Monday, Ofcom said that in the seven years since its mass market introduction, broadband has become one of the fastest growing communications technologies. The report […]

UK watchdog issues VoIP regulations

UK telecoms watchdog, Ofcom, this week introduced a new regulatory code for VoIP providers as it readies itself to regulate the sector starting this summer. The watchdog said the move was to ensure consumers have access to information about the capabilities of their service. Recognising the phenomenal growth of VoIP – forecasts predict three million […]

Ofcom brings down call termination rates

UK communications regulator Ofcom was busy on Tuesday morning, levelling the prices at which mobile operators can charge each other for connecting calls. New charge controls will come into play through a series of phases taking place from next month. The move will limit the amount that mobile network operators are able to charge other […]

Ofcom study slams wireless as last mile tech

A study commissioned by UK telecoms watchdog Ofcom has blasted wireless technology as insufficient to cope with future broadband requirements over the whole of the last mile. Cambridge-based communications design facility Plextek recently completed a six month research study on behalf Ofcom, to investigate the use of wireless technology as an alternative for the provision […]

Ofcom consults on public service content

UK regulator Ofcom on Wednesday laid out its proposal for the formation of a Public Service Publisher (PSP), the new media equivalent of a public service broadcaster. The PSP would use new distribution platforms such as broadband, mobile and digital broadcasting to deliver distinctive, UK-originated public service content. Ofcom envisions the PSP as a networked, […]

Ofcom under fire over mobile charges

The European Commission attacked Ofcom on Monday, accusing the UK communications watchdog of keeping wholesale mobile prices artificially inflated because of the high price of 3G licences. The EC claims that Ofcom’s approach would be detrimental to fair competition in the UK mobile market and lead to higher consumer prices for consumers. Wholesale tariffs are […]

BT to recruit hundreds of new staff

British telecoms watchdog Ofcom has given the green light to BT to recruit extra engineers to reduce the time it takes to connect ISPs’ local loop customers to the internet. Under BT’s Openreach programme, an engineer is required to connect the broadband user’s landline to the ISP’s LLU(Local Loop Unbundling) kit inside the local BT […]

Ofcom picks six for 414MHz band

UK regulator Ofcom on Wednesday announced the six companies who will be able to bid for spectrum allocations in the 414-420MHz band. Motorola’s services business, T-Mobile UK, broadcast outsourcing specialist Arqiva, airport communications provider AirRadio, Ventura Team Spectrum and the Joint Radio Company (JRC) which provides radio communications for the energy industry, are in the […]

Ofcom wants further termination charge cuts

UK telecoms regulator OFCOM, announced Thursday that price controls on the termination charges British mobile operators apply to other networks’ calls are to be maintained beyond March, 2007, when the current regulation expires. The regulator intends to demand further cuts in the termination fees, with a target of “around 5.3 pence per minute” for Vodafone, […]

UK watchdog wants to beef up wifi

Britain’s telecom regulator, Ofcom, is looking at ways to increase the legal range of high-powered wifi equipment to 6.2 miles. If successful, the boost in range could have profound effects for both the consumer and the industry. Ofcom intends to up the power limits for 2.4Ghz band equipment which could be used to good effect […]

British watchdog launches broadband comparison site

UK watchdog Ofcom on Thursday announced the launch of TopComm, a scheme designed to provide consumers with a comparison of quality of service levels among fixed-line telecoms providers in the UK. Independent research commissioned by Ofcom showed that quality of service is consistently identified by consumers as an important factor in deciding whether to switch […]

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