The evolution of BSS and OSS in the telecoms sector

BSS and OSS lie at the heart of how telecoms networks function in terms of customer and network management respectively, and new technologies such as AI and virtualisation are changing the landscape.

East Asian telcos ahead on digital transformation

Telecoms operators the world over are embracing digital transformation and developing services in new sectors, and players from East Asia are ahead of the pack, new research published this week shows.

Enterprises are throwing money at AI

AI has become a significant investment for most enterprises – with 42% now having a dedicated budget of $1 million or more – according to a report by market analyst Omdia.

6G could do with moving away from industry jargon

InterDigital and Omdia have teamed up for a joint study arguing that in order to measure the success of future 6G services, new ‘quality of personal experience’ metrics will be needed.

Telcos navigate an industry in flux at Network X 2022

Initial themes at the Network X 2022 trade show included how the industry is changing to incorporate new players and business models, and how telcos can thrive rather than crumble in the face of that change.

TV subscriptions to pass 3 billion in 2027 – Omdia

New research predicts the number of global online video subscriptions will exceed 2 billion, and the number of pay TV subscriptions will ‘still’ be 1 billion in 2027, though Netflix expected to lose 2 million customers in Q2 2022.