Cloud gaming platform OnLive reboots struggling model

The saga of handset vendor HTC’s poor investment choices took another turn Tuesday, when it emerged that cloud gaming service OnLive, which HTC has just chalked a hit of $40m up to, is in a worse state than previously thought. The company has just shed half of its staff and its stock has been acquired by a mysterious private investor, thought to be one of the original investors who backed the startup in 2009.

HTC losing money on investments but still spending

Disruptive Taiwanese device manufacturer HTC said this week it expects to chalk up a loss of $40m through the investment it made in cloud-based gaming platform OnLive, which it bought into in early 2011.

Cloud-based gaming service launches in the UK

UK incumbent BT has announced the launch of a new cloud-based gaming service, in conjunction with OnLive. The service, which is available in the UK exclusively via BT Broadband, will enable customers to access more than 100 video games, streamed into homes via the internet. The system, which went live in the US in June 2010 eschews conventional games console hardware for content streamed from remote data centres using advanced video compression techniques to keep the bandwidth requirements manageable.

Cloud-based gaming service to hit networks in June

There’s been lots of talk recently about how network infrastructure, particularly in the mobile sector, is creaking under the weight of data traffic. Come June, traffic may increase significantly with the launch of a service that promises to revolutionise the gaming experience.


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