EE is A-OK in the UK but oh no O2

EE is top of OpenSignal’s ranking for peak speed tests in the UK, but the rest aren’t too far behind. Well, aside from O2 that is.

4G sucks on the south coast – Which

UK consumer top-tips group Which has teamed up with OpenSignal to look at 4G performance across the country and found it’s worst on the south coast of England.

Real world LTE test puts Japan in slow lane

With over 60 countries having launched commercial LTE networks, it’s no surprise that data speeds are not globally uniform. What might come as a surprise though is the claim that Japan, with one of the most advanced mobile markets in the world, has the slowest LTE experience at 7.1Mbps download. While Sweden, home of the first commercial LTE network, has maintained a crown with the fastest experience at 22.1Mbps on average.