Software defined spectrum, anyone?

Consultant and one-time head of research and development for UK regulator Ofcom, William Webb asks whether operators really need to own the spectrum in which their services operate. If radio access infrastructure can be outsourced or shared and the core can be virtualised, why shouldn’t the industry look at innovative usage models for spectrum?

IT becoming key element in managed services deals

Experience with IT is moving to the forefront in managed services and outsourcing deals as operators seek to enhance the customer experience with more tightly integrated networks and business processes. Telecoms.com recently met with Luigi Migliaccio, global head of IT managed services at Ericsson, who explained how the back office silos that persist in large operators are killing the company.

Huawei wins outsourcing deal in Switzerland

Chinese equipment vendor Huawei has won its largest managed services contract in Europe through a five year agreement with Sunrise in Switzerland. Huawei has been selected as the sole managed services partner for the fixed and mobile networks, including the transfer of staff from Sunrise and its previous technology partner.

Nokia outsources Symbian development, sheds 4,000 jobs

In what appears to be another move to distance itself from Symbian, Nokia on Wednesday announced plans to outsource development of the floundering operating system to consultancy and outsourcing firm Accenture. As part of the process, the Finnish giant will also transition some 3,000 employees to the outsourcing firm.

Vodafone Ghana outsources tower management

Vodafone Ghana said Tuesday it has signed a ten year contract with African tower company Eaton Towers, to take over the operations and co-location management of 750 telecom towers for the Ghanaian operator.

Rightsourcing: Staying in Control of an Outsourced World

The webinar focuses on a range of real world implementations, supported by a comparison of the business case for rightsourcing versus financial initiatives such as outsourcing and network sharing, using a financial models and interviews developed for Actix by Oliver Wyman and IDC.

Managed Services: EMEA

Sponsored by Motorola

In the telecoms industry, outsourcing is usually referred to as ‘managed services’ and includes the transfer of more technical processes such as network operations and management, along with the hosting of services by third parties. Until recently, the network itself was seen as core business, and this view is still widely held, but increased competition from new players such as media owners, cable companies and internet service providers has meant that the term ‘managed services’ now covers a wider range of possibilities than in the past.

Managed network services reach critical mass

In the wake of a flurry of network outsourcing contracts across Europe, analysts note that managed services are reaching critical mass with revenues set to exceed $8bn by 2013.

The Coming Carrier Network

A closer look at new outsourcing business models.

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