Mobile WiMAX impresses in Portland, says analyst

  In outdoor and indoor locations, as well in mobile scenarios, the performance of the ‘Clear’ mobile WiMAX network in Portland is “consistently good”, typically achieving over 3Mbps on the downlink and between 350 and 450Kbps on the uplink. This is according to Monica Paolini, president and co-founder of Senza Fili Consulting, who visited various […]

WiMAX gets Clear signal in Portland

The new Clearwire JV has launched a commercial mobile WiMAX service in Portland, Oregon. Under the ‘Clear’ brand name, the home internet service costs $30 per month and the mobile internet service is priced at $10 per month. And like the Xohm-branded service launched by Sprint in September 2008 in Baltimore, there is a daily […]


Do you agree public funding should be used to support mobile operators to more broadly deploy Open RAN?

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