Openreach talks fibre in Edinburgh

With fibre becoming an increasingly politicised topic, fixed infrastructure wholesaler Openreach decided to hang out with a couple of Scottish politicians.

Stirling gets a spoonful of CityFibre

MLL Telecom and CityFibre have announced a new partnership to deliver gigabit fibre connections to local businesses over a new fibre network being built by the latter.

BT completes Scottish super-fast submarine cable project

BT has completed a submarine broadband cable project in Scotland, claiming it has been hailed as the most complex underwater engineering challenge ever undertaken by the telco. The installation included 250 miles of fibre optic cabling across 20 seabed crossings.

Shoogle shakes up phone interaction

Boffins at the University of Glasgow, Scotland, have come up with a novel way for mobile phone users to tell how much battery life is left in their phone, or how many messages they have, simply by shaking it. The Shoogle interface [apparently named after a Scots-English word for shake, although the dictionary reckons it’s […]