Vodafone strikes deal with BAE Systems

UK operator group Vodafone has struck a five-year deal with British defence firm BAE Systems. The two have penned a partnership to provide businesses with a range of advanced communications security products and services for smartphones and tablets. BAE Systems has also selected Vodafone as its preferred supplier of mobile communications worldwide, excluding the US.

Operators can reinvent themselves as the industry’s innovators

The world’s major telecoms operators are seeing their business squeezed by new firms, many of which offer services that make use the operators’ networks, but bring little or no benefit to the operators themselves. In areas where networks once made most of their money, margins continue to shrink. In the face of this competition, telecoms firms need to move fast to reinvent themselves and grow their profits.

While the future may seem bleak, the established telecoms operators have two trump cards up their sleeves: saleable Big Data and customer trust. If they play them in the right way, they’ll help transform the companies back into the industry’s innovators.

Operators losing millions to spam, claims ex-GCHQ official

Operators stand to lose between $1m to $2m over a one to three day period, as a result of fraudulent SMS campaigns, according to an ex-GCHQ official. Gareth Maclachlan, now COO at Adaptive Mobile, a firm he co-founded, said that cyber-criminals have been carrying out spam and phishing campaigns in the PC/fixed-line internet world for years, but are seeing even bigger opportunities by targeting mobile operators, due to the way the mobile ecosystem is set up.

Twitter snaps up security specialist

Social site Twitter has acquired a small mobile security firm specialising in secure tools for Android. The purchase seems a strange fit but it has been suggested that the talent that comes with the company is what Twitter is really after.

Taiwan to ban Huawei kit

Taiwan has become the lastest market to voice concerns over the use of network equipment from Chinese vendor Huawei, with the regulator—the National Communications Commission—ruling that core network kit may not be cleared for use by Taiwanese operators because of national security worries. Huawei has met with similar objections recently in India and the US.

Keeping a close eye

Former Vodafone UK CTO Chris Burke talks about the importance of employee monitoring within mobile operators as the quantity of sensitive customer data held by the operators increases exponentially.

Intel acquires security software firm McAfee for $7.68bn

Intel says the move will hellp it address the billions of internet-ready devices, including mobile and wireless devices, TVs, cars, medical devices and ATM machines as well as the accompanying surge in cyber threats. The chip giant said providing protection to a diverse online world requires a fundamentally new approach involving software, hardware and services.

RIM carries Torch for BlackBerry 6; security wins

Tuesday’s launch of the BlackBerry 6 OS, Research In Motion’s new flagship operating system and accompanying hero device – the Torch – was overshadowed by ongoing privacy concerns over the RIM network in the Middle East and India.

Making a safe call

How mobile security needs to move on after the recent News of the World scandal.

Security experts warn over smartphone SMS bugs

At the Black Hat security conference taking place in Las Vegas this week, researchers claimed that smartphones including Apple’s iPhone, Google’s Android platform and Microsoft’s Windows Mobile were susceptible to SMS based attacks.

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