3 claims INQ platform a roaring success

The operator-run handset shop incubated by Hutchison Whampoa is claiming a success from its low cost 3G handset strategy which uses social networking to encourage data usage.

3 pushes free Skype calls

Disruptive mobile operator 3 is further embracing the open network model, on Thursday announcing plans to allow users free Skype to Skype calls without having to pay data charges.

eBay to offload Skype in 2010

Online auction giant eBay looks to have found a way to escape its unhappy marriage with Skype, announcing plans to spin the internet telephony champion off in an IPO (Initial Public Offering).

Web giants call for VoIP over 3G

A gang of web giants are up in arms over operator attitudes towards Voice over IP (VoIP) applications on mobile networks.

VoIP apps make headway on handsets

Mobile internet telephony firm Vyke said this week that it has extended its existing agreement with Finnish handset vendor Nokia to bring its VoIP application to more smartphones.

Nokia and Skype join forces

Disruptive VoIP player Skype has announced at Mobile World Congress that its eponymous VoIP application will be integrated on Nokia N97s from Q309. The application will be integrated into the device’s address book and be visible to users as a mobile widget. Making the announcement both Scott Derchslag, COO, and Josh Silverman, CEO of Skype […]

Skype to support Android, WiMAX, Java handsets

Internet telephony champion Skype on Thursday announced support for Android handset, Java-powered phones and Intel Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs). Skype lite, a thin client version of the software brings the full functionality of the VoIP application to Android and Java capable phones, but uses the voice network to connect to an internet server to complete […]

Du blocks Skype, offers cheap international tariff

United Arab Emirates operator Du unveiled a new mobile tariff on Monday, potentially cutting the price of international calls. But reports coming in suggest the carrier has blocked access to Skype’s internet telephony service in the same breath. Thousands of UAE-based subscribers are understood to have lost the ability to make internet phone calls using […]

Sony adds Skype to PSP

Japanese electronics giant Sony beefed up its PlayStation Portable (PSP) gaming device on Monday, with confirmation that it is to add Skype VoIP functionality later this month. From January 24, Sony will make a firmware update available for the PSP-2000 series of devices, which includes the Lite and Slim models, containing the Skype internet telephony […]

Skype gets a new friend in MySpace

eBay owned internet telephony player Skype has joined forces with social networking phenomenon MySpace, to integrate VoIP technology into the popular site. From the end of November, MySpacers will be able to place calls to their friends both in the MySpace and Skype communities through a widget available on the site. Users will not have […]

eBay overpaid for Skype; Zennstrom quits

Niklas Zennstrom, co founder of internet telephony champion Skype, stepped down as CEO of the company Monday night. Zennstrom’s departure comes as eBay wrote down the value of its Skype acquisition, admitting that it paid almost $1bn too much for the company in 2005, when it shelled out $2.6bn. As a result, eBay said a […]

Skype apologises to Microsoft

Internet telephony player Skype has issued something of an apology, after seemingly blaming Microsoft for the massive outage, which made its network unavailable for nearly 48 hours last week. Skype said the disruption was triggered by a restart of massive numbers of Skype users’ computers within a very short timeframe after they all received a […]

Skype points finger over outage

Internet telephony provider Skype is back on its feet after a major outage last week and the company is laying the blame on Microsoft. Apparently, the disruption was triggered by a restart of massive numbers of Skype users’ computers within a very short timeframe after they all received a routine set of patches through Windows […]

Skype suffers major outage

IP telephony service provider Skype is working frantically to resolve issues with its core network, which have prevented users from logging on since early Thursday. Skype’s website said that the provider’s engineering team has determined that the problem is a software issue, which is expected to be resolved within 24 hours. That means the service […]

SMEs favouring free VoIP

Small and medium enterprises are growing increasingly keen on VoIP, which is good news for telcos that have launched their own IP telephony services but bad news in that many SME’s are turning to Skype and other public VoIP providers rather than business grade solutions from telcos. The findings come from end-user research commissioned by […]

Skype worm on the loose

Virus experts at Finnish firm F-Secure issued a warning on Monday over a worm that spreads via the instant messaging function in VoIP software Skype. The W32/Pykse.A worm spreads by sending a message with a malware link to all online friends in Skype’s contact list by exploiting the Skype API. Sneakily, the worm will also […]

Skypers sell advice via VoIP

VoIP champion Skype jumped on the user generated content (UGC) bandwagon Wednesday with the announcement of two new services. Skype 3.1 introduces the beta release of Skype Prime, which is essentially an expertise marketplace. Skype Prime allows users to make money and reach potential customers around the world. An in-built billing mechanism allows users to set […]

Skype downloads top 500m

Internet telephony champion Skype said Wednesday that its software has been downloaded more than 500 million times, taking its registered user base to 171 million users worldwide. Skype was first introduced in beta form at the end of August 2003 and is used in almost every country around the world. The VoIP provider generates revenue […]

Skype invokes 60’s ruling to open up networks

VoIP champ, Skype, has petitioned the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to apply an American legal precedent, known as the Carterfone decision, to wireless networks. It is suggested that if the firm is successful, the networks would be opened up, making it much easier to use Skype-like services over them. Carterphone dates back to 1968 […]

Skype to charge connection fee

In a prime example of marketing doublespeak, VoIP provider Skype has announced a new service and pricing structure that will see users charged a connection fee. According to Thursday’s announcement, the firm will now charge for something that was once free, with a Eur0.039 fee for each SkypeOut connection. However, if customers take out a […]


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