spectrum allocation

Europe finally gets the 5G memo

The European Commission has supported a survey which has concluded 5G is going to have a bunch of socio-economic benefits – no sh*t Sherlock!

UK spectrum crunch likely to lead to “contentious” solutions

The UK is heading will face a serious spectrum shortage by the end of the decade if 300MHz of cellular spectrum and 350MHz of wifi spectrum are not made available. The warning came this week from Real Wireless, a consultancy that worked with UK regulator Ofcom on this year’s LTE spectrum auctions.

BSNL wants to return spectrum while Qualcomm gets broadband licences

India’s state-owned operator BSNL has offered to hand back its Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) spectrum for 17 states to the government , and is seeking a $1.67bn refund. The firm wants to hand spectrum back to the goevrnment after having made a loss of $1.2bn over the past 12 months, primarily due to high staff cost and payments made for acquiring 3G and BWA spectrum.

US spectrum is in wrong hands, but no shortage

Contrary to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) warning of a “looming spectrum crisis”, there is no shortage of radio spectrum in the USA, according to an analyst note from Citi Investment Research & Analysis. However, too much of the spectrum is in the wrong hands, it warned.


Do you agree public funding should be used to support mobile operators to more broadly deploy Open RAN?

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