FCC revisits D block sell off plan

US communications regulator the FCC is once again considering the auction of the troublesome ‘D block’ of 700MHz spectrum, which will form the foundation for a much needed nationwide public safety network. Because the D Block did not meet its $1.3bn reserve price in the 700MHz spectrum auction held in early 2008, the FCC sought […]

WiMAX and LTE set to battle over US D block

US communications regulator the FCC is to take another crack at auctioning off the so called ‘D block’ of 700MHz spectrum, with FCC chairman Kevin Martin proposing new and more attractive conditions. Earlier this year, the D block was one of eight licences that remained unsold after failing to meet its reserve price of $1.3bn […]

WiMAX backers applaud EC decision on 2.6GHz band

Industry association the WiMAX Forum has welcomed a recent decision by the European Commission to allow regulators to be flexible in the amount of FDD (paired) and TDD (unpaired) spectrum they award in the 2.6GHz frequency band. The EC decision is a significant one for the WiMAX community as it is a move away from […]

Ofcom reveals plan for digital dividend

UK communications regulator Ofcom has set out detailed proposals for how it plans to release the valuable spectrum that will be freed up as a result of the switchover to digital television. The spectrum, known as the ‘digital dividend’, resides in the UHF band and is currently used for the delivery of analogue TV channels. […]

FCC delays spectrum auction decision

US communications regulator the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has decided to delay a decision on the fate of a swathe of spectrum in the 2155MHz to 2180MHz band. The regulator removed the discussion on the 25MHz chunk of AWS-3 spectrum from this week’s agenda. The move should appease industry association the CTIA, which has urged […]

FCC mulls free wireless internet proposal

When US regulator the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) convenes on June 12, one of the items on the agenda will be the fate of a swathe of spectrum in the 2155MHz to 2175MHz band. One of the options under consideration is to auction the spectrum off, along with a requirement that some portion of the […]

FCC seeks comment on leftover 700MHz spectrum

US communications regulator the FCC has called for comments on how to proceed with the sale of a swathe of 700MHz spectrum no one wanted in the recent auction. As expected, Verizon Wireless and AT&T were the big winners in the FCC’s 700MHz spectrum auction, which ended in March, spending much of the $19.6bn total. […]

Sweden: hammer falls on 2.6GHz auction

After 112 bidding rounds over 16 days, the auction of 2.6GHz spectrum in Sweden has came to a close, raising SEK2.1bn ($350m). Intel Capital Corporation was among the five licence winners, acquiring 50MHz (TDD) spectrum for SEK159.2m ($26.5m). According to local press reports, Intel is looking for partners to build and operate a WiMAX network. […]

700MHz auction kicks off, raises $2.8bn on first day

Auction 73, the 700MHz spectrum sale, which kicked off in the US on Thursday, raked in over $2.8bn in bids within the first two rounds. The much sought after C-block of spectrum drew an offer of $1.24bn, although the FCC has not revealed details of any of the bidders. A total of 266 companies entered […]

Ofcom to release more broadband spectrum in 2008

UK communications watchdog Ofcom has announced details of an auction of high frequency radio spectrum to take place in January. The spectrum bands on offer are between the 10GHz and 40GHz bands and are capable of carrying large amounts of data over distances of up to 12 kilometres. The spectrum is suitable for a number […]

More spectrum reserved for wireless broadband

The World Radiocommunication Conference, which took place in Geneva last week, concluded with the adoption of an international treaty to increase the spectrum available for mobile broadband services. The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) adopted a proposal led by African Governments to identify a swathe of UHF spectrum for the provision of mobile broadband services in […]

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