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Nokia says Symbian is no longer open source

Nokia has announced that its Symbian platform is no longer open source. The news comes less than a year after the now-defunct Symbian Foundation released the first completely open version of the OS, with Nokia saying that its “open and direct” model referred to its business plan rather than the Symbian source code.

Nokia brings Symbian in house; Foundation becomes licensing vehicle

The Symbian SEE shows kicked off in Amsterdam on Tuesday and it’s probably quite an interesting event to be at. If only because all the rumours were true: the Foundation will transition into another entity and the Symbian operating system itself will finally be absorbed by Nokia.

Symbian to play application middle man

The Symbian Foundation announced an application publishing programme on Thursday afternoon that will see it attempt to bridge the gap between developers and application stores. Dubbed Symbian Horizon, the new initiative was described by Symbian’s Sean Puckrin, who is leading the programme, as equivalent to a record label in the music business.

Symbian Foundation wins more support

Newly created open source outfit, the Symbian Foundation, has announced a raft of new members, demonstrating increased support for the platform. On Tuesday, Acrodea, Brycen, HI Corporation, Ixonos, KTF, Opera Software, Sharp, TapRoot Systems and UIQ Technology added their endorsement to the foundation. The organisation was formed in the wake of Nokia’s June acquisition of […]


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