BlackBerry Playbook hits US shelves

Research In Motion (RIM) began its foray into the tablet market late Tuesday, as the BlackBerry Playbook hit shelves in North America. The tablet met with mixed reviews, initially targeted at the large and small enterprise space (much like the original BlackBerry), yet at present lacking full email, calendar and contacts functionality. RIM said a software update is due in a few weeks.

MWC debrief: Devices

Informa analyst Gavin Byrne shares his views on the Nokia Microsoft tie up and comments on the prevalence of tablets swamping the market.

Healthy appetite for tablets spurs growth

The growing popularity of tablet devices such as the Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab will help portable internet devices hit shipment levels of around 150 million per year by 2015. The main driver of this growth is the versatility of a form factor that will either see the tablet used as a third device where there is a high penetration of PCs or as the primary computing device where there is low penetration.

Acer goes screen crazy

Device manufacturer Acer has unveiled a range of Android-powered goodies to be launched next year and screen size is definitely at the top of the company’s importance list.

Samsung launches Android tablet, Vodafone gobbles it up

Korean vendor Samsung has launched its first tablet device, with global carrier Vodafone announcing that it is to begin offering the product from October. Dubbed the Galaxy Tab, the device runs the Android 2.2 OS, known as Froyo.

Icahn boosts Motorola stake amid TV tablet rumours

Billionaire investor and corporate activist Carl Icahn is once again making his presence felt at US handset vendor Motorola, after buying up enough stock to become the company’s biggest shareholder.

HP reveals tablet plans

The new owner of Palm has plans to break into the tablet market in the near future with a device that may well be called the ‘PalmPad’.

3 pushing tablets to UK users

The UK’s mobile underdog and most disruptive wireless player, 3, has unveiled its own tariffs for the Apple iPad, which lands in the UK on Friday, and they’re pretty competitive.

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