Visto and Seven play nicely

At least one of the industry’s long running IPR disputes has been settled, as mobile email software rivals Visto and Seven have reached an agreement that will see Seven licence Visto’s patents. The firms have been court-bound for three years now as a series of battles have dragged on over Seven’s refusal to acknowledge the […]

Visto first to gain Symbian approval for email

Push email firm Visto, on Tuesday announced it has successfully completed the Symbian email validation program and is the first company to be accredited the “Symbian Approved” mark for push email. The mark “guarantees mobile professionals a high-quality mobile email experience”, according to the companies. The validation program defines industry agreed quality guidelines for push […]

Visto’s Mobile email for idiots launched

Mobile email firm Visto, has launched Easy Setup, an ‘out-of-the-box solution’ designed to make setting up mobile email easy enough for the most tech-challenged consumers/business users. Visto says that the ease with which mobile email can be deployed and used is crucial to the realisation of the market’s growth potential. Steven Drake, program director at […]