Taiwanese WiMAX players demo roaming

Taiwanese Mobile WiMAX operator VMax Telecom teamed up with Korean equipment manufacturer Samsung on Monday to demonstrate what they claim is the industry’s first Mobile WiMAX roaming service.

Clearwire ties up two WiMAX deals in Taiwan

Clearwire, the flagship mobile WiMAX operator in the US, has entered into a strategic alliance with two WIMAX licensees in Taiwan: Global Mobile, which holds a licence in the north of Taiwan; and Vastar Cable TV System, which holds a licence to cover the southern part of the island.

Clearwire eyes WIMAX operator stake in Taiwan

Clearwire is reportedly in talks with Global Mobile, one of six mobile WiMAX licensees in Taiwan, to strike up a strategic alliance. This may result in the US WiMAX operator taking an equity stake in Global Mobile, which is planning to increase its current level of registered capital (NT$1.13bn) by NT$1bn-1.9bn to help fund its WiMAX infrastructure rollout.


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