Vonage buys breathing space

Embattled internet telephony player Vonage may have given itself some breathing space by signing up a rival VoIP operator to carry its traffic. According to a form filed by VoIP, Inc. with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the US-based VoIP operator has signed a deal to “provide certain network services to Vonage for their domestic […]

Vonage faces disconnection

Internet telephony player Vonage is exercising damage control this week after a US judge threatened to cut off the company’s service late Friday. The US District Court in Alexandria issued an order enjoining Vonage from using certain VoIP technology named in its patent litigation with Verizon. The court will hear a stay argument from Vonage […]

Vonage loses

Vonage Holdings on Thursday lost its patent dispute with Verizon Communications and was ordered to pay it $58m (£30m) plus monthly royalties if it continues to use the proprietary patents.. Immediately after the case, Vonage assured its 2.2 million customers that their service would not be affected by the outcome of the case. The eight-person […]

Vonage v Verizon – Jury will decide today

The jury in the patent dispute between Verizon and Vonage will reconvene this afternoon, after failing to make a decision on the case Wednesday. The jury of eight had, during their deliberations, sent District Judge Claude Hilton notes for clarification on terms used during the hi-tech case. The jury asked had asked if they could be […]

Vonage v Verizon – Jury today?

Vonage and Verizon’s patent dispute could be heard by a jury today according to UBS analyst, John Hodulik. Opening statements were heard in the case on February 21 . Verizon sued Vonage in June, claiming broad patent violation. In January it alleged that Vonage had “appropriated the results of years of research conducted by Verizon and […]

Vonage and Verizon off to court (update)

Verizon and Vonage will later today, present opening statements in a patent-infringement case that focuses on the technology the VoIP firm uses to connect calls from its IP service to phones on the traditional network. Vonage, one of the best-known brands in the VoIP business with 2 million customers, denies any wrongdoing. It claims its […]

Vonage to resell wifi access

Internet telephony player Vonage said Monday that it has signed a three year contract with US internet service provider EarthLink to offer wifi internet access in select cities throughout the US. Under terms of the agreement, Vonage will buy internet access on a wholesale basis from EarthLink in all cities where the company will build, […]

Vonage hits expectations but shares in freefall

VoIP firm Vonage posted better than expected results for its third quarter but despite the news, the company’s share price fell almost eight per cent after it cut its forecast on annual subscriptions. In a statement, Vonage said it had reduced its net loss to $62m (£32.48m), or 40 cents per share, from $66m for […]

Vonage loss grows

Second quarter losses at internet telephony provider Vonage widened from $63.6m (£34m) in 2005 to $74.1m this year, the company said Tuesday. Revenues however increased 141 per cent year on year to reach $143m during the quarter. Vonage has been under fire from investors and customers alike since the company launched its disastrous IPO in […]

Vonage accused of using spyware

VoIP firm, Vonage, has been accused by a spyware researcher that it uses spyware to target its advertising. Ben Edelman on Tuesday posted an article that provides specific and detailed information on how the firm is using spyware to boost its advertising impact. Edelman’s article – How Vonage Funds Spyware – suggests Vonage’s advertising appears […]

Vonage sued for third time over patents

Embattled VoIP firm, Vonage, has been hit by another patent infringement suit, this time from patent-holding company Klausner Technologies which is looking for $180m in damages and royalties. Klausner alleges that Vonage infringes patents used in its voice mail service. The patent dates from 1994 and allows checking of analogue voice mail from a remote […]