WiMAX Forum

WiMAX Forum embraces TD-LTE

The WiMAX Forum has agreed to integrate elements of the TD-LTE standard into the platform; effectively joining forces with the technology that once its major rival, according to a report on Rethink Wireless. The move is seen as a tacit admission that the telecoms world has moved on from the WiMAX standard.

Femtos extend reach into WiMAX territory

The Femto Forum joined forces with the WiMAX Forum on Thursday, publishing the first standard designed to bring both networking technologies closer together.

WiMAX helps to close digital divide in US

WiMAX related proposals accounted for one quarter of the applications for broadband stimulus funds in the US, to be made available by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) and the Department of Agriculture.

WiMAX Forum taps Clearwire expertise

The WiMAX Forum has launched an interoperability testing (IOT) certification programme, which will leverage Clearwire’s commercial WiMAX network experience to further ensure product interoperability in the 2.5GHz spectrum band.

WiMAX Forum launches global roaming programme

To help stimulate WiMAX usage further, the WiMAX Forum has launched its global roaming programme. This allows operators and vendors to easily obtain the information required to establish WiMAX roaming services. The programme has several components, including:  technical specifications, a test plan, a roaming contract template and a guide to follow when implementing roaming. “Member […]

WiMAX Forum predicts user surge

The WiMAX Forum predicts there will be 133 million WiMAX users by 2012 with Asia expected to grab the lion’s share (45 percent).