Bangladesh WiMAX winners struggle for cash

Two of the three WiMAX licence winners in Bangladesh, according to local reports, have missed the deadline to pay the full licence fee and are struggling to raise the necessary cash.

WiMAX-embedded netbooks come to Russia

Samsung and Yota, a Russian mobile WiMAX operator, have announced the introduction of what they say is the first ‘4G’ ready netbook (mini-notebook) in Russia.

Wavesat CEO calls for $35 WiMAX dongles

WiMAX USB dongles, currently priced between $60 and $85, are too high to generate significant volumes. So says Raj Singh, CEO of Wavesat, a privately-held fabless chipset supplier headquartered in Canada. “We’re aiming for $35 WiMAX dongles by Q1 2010, and CPE devices at around $50,” he says. Wavesat doesn’t manufacture devices, but rather supplies […]

ZTE predicts WiMAX ‘boom’ for 2009

“We anticipate a boom in WiMAX take-up for fixed applications in emerging markets this year,” says Wei Yuan, senior director of global marketing at ZTE’s WiMAX solutions business. Speaking to telecoms.com at the MWC event in Barcelona, Wei Yuan believes that Russia, the CIS, the Middle East and Africa hold out most promise for WiMAX […]

Alvarion CEO hits out at Nortel

The CEO of Israeli WiMAX vendor Alvarion, Tzvika Friedman, has voiced his anger over the firm’s exposure to the strife of its distribution partner Nortel Networks. Speaking to Telecoms.com yesterday he accused the Canadian firm of exploiting Chapter 11 rules to avoid paying Alvarion money the firm is owed – and vowed to reclaim it […]

WiMAX Forum launches global roaming programme

To help stimulate WiMAX usage further, the WiMAX Forum has launched its global roaming programme. This allows operators and vendors to easily obtain the information required to establish WiMAX roaming services. The programme has several components, including:  technical specifications, a test plan, a roaming contract template and a guide to follow when implementing roaming. “Member […]

Will Obama give WiMAX a boost?

US president-elect, Barack Obama, has unveiled a massive $825bn fiscal stimulus package. Comprising $550bn in new federal spending and $275bn in tax cuts over the next two years, the objective is to create more than three million jobs. Among the long list of projects in line for economic support – which includes spending on energy, […]

Mobile WiMAX impresses in Portland, says analyst

  In outdoor and indoor locations, as well in mobile scenarios, the performance of the ‘Clear’ mobile WiMAX network in Portland is “consistently good”, typically achieving over 3Mbps on the downlink and between 350 and 450Kbps on the uplink. This is according to Monica Paolini, president and co-founder of Senza Fili Consulting, who visited various […]

Mobile WiMAX sales ramp up in third quarter

Worldwide mobile WiMAX infrastructure revenues nearly quadrupled in the third quarter of 2008 compared with the same quarter the year previously. This is according to analyst firm the Dell’Oro Group. “With LTE still a couple of years away, WiMAX has become the first next-generation technology with commercial service,” said Scott Siegler, senior analyst of mobile infrastructure […]

WiMAX gets Clear signal in Portland

The new Clearwire JV has launched a commercial mobile WiMAX service in Portland, Oregon. Under the ‘Clear’ brand name, the home internet service costs $30 per month and the mobile internet service is priced at $10 per month. And like the Xohm-branded service launched by Sprint in September 2008 in Baltimore, there is a daily […]

Nokia kills off WiMAX gadget

Finnish handset vendor Nokia is understood to have stopped production of its only WiMAX device, the N810 Internet Tablet. According to reports the world’s biggest handset vendor has called time on the gadget, which has only been available for nine months. Distributors are understood to be returning unsold stock to Nokia, although the device is […]

India rejects spectrum price hike proposal

WiMAX supporters may well have breathed a sight of relief this week as India’s Department of Telecommunications (DoT) rejected a proposal by the finance ministry to double the reserve price for a pan-Indian WiMAX licence. If the proposal had been accepted, bidding for a pan-Indian WiMAX licence in the 2.3GHz and 2.5GHz frequency bands would […]

India faces further delays in 3G licensing

India’s telecoms industry looks to be facing yet more delays in the licensing of spectrum for 3G and WiMAX services. Having already put the spectrum auctions off until this year, because of the government’s failure to clear the relevant radio spectrum in all circles, or operating regions, new delays are anticipated in the wake of […]

Sprint unveils dual mode 3G/4G device

US-based mobile WiMAX pioneer Sprint Nextel this week unveiled its first 3G/4G dual mode device, to be made available December 21. The USB Modem U300, or dongle, connects to Sprint’s ‘Now’ branded mobile WiMAX network as well as the carrier’s existing 3G EV-DO network. The dongle is manufactured by Franklin Wireless and is priced at […]

Credit crunch hits WiMAX

Worldwide sales of fixed and mobile WiMAX equipment, as well as phones/Ultra Mobile PCs, fell by 21 percent to $245m in 3Q08 compared with the previous quarter. The figures come from an updated report from Infonetics, ‘WiMAX and WiFi Mesh Network Equipment and Devices’, in which the research firm expects WiMAX sales to continue to […]

WiMAX mobility debate rumbles on in Brazil

Should the winners in Brazil’s upcoming licence auction in the 3.5GHz frequency band be allowed to offer some form of ‘mobile’ service?  And, if so, what form should that mobile service take? These questions continue to spark heated debate among Anatel, Brazil’s telecom regulator, and the country’s operator and service provider communities. “It would be […]

Clearwire polishes up WiMAX brand

As US operators Sprint Nextel and Clearwire complete the merger of their next generation wireless internet businesses, the mobile WiMAX pin up known as “the new Clearwire” has unveiled its service brand – “Clear”. Late Monday, Clearwire said that in the coming moths, the Clear brand will replace the Xohm service name previously used by […]

UK operator demos dual-band WiMAX handover

UK WiMAX operator, Freedom4, claims it has achieved the world’s first seamless mobile WiMAX session handover between base stations operating at two different frequencies: 2.5GHz and 3.6GHz. Working with its network partners Airspan Networks, Starent Networks and Bridgewater Systems, Freedom4 says it has built the underlying network architecture enabling it to deliver high capacity wholesale […]

The best and worst of times for WiMAX

WiMAX is a tale of two markets – in one, the emerging wireless broadband technology has gained significant momentum in the last year, but in the larger converging broadband market, the runaway success of rival system HSDPA and the acceleration of LTE threatens the opportunity for WiMAX in some markets. In the past year, the […]