Clearwire approves WiMAX deal, shares plummet

  As expected, Clearwire shareholders on Thursday approved the ‘new’ Clearwire joint venture. Comprising Sprint Nextel (51 per cent) and Clearwire (27 per cent) – with the remaining equity held by Intel, Google, TimeWarner Cable, Comcast and Bright House Networks – the new company has ambitious plans to roll out mobile WIMAX across the US. […]

HTC unveils world’s first WiMAX/GSM handset

HTC, a Taiwanese PDA and handset manufacturer, has officially unveiled a dual-mode mobile WiMAX/GSM handset to add to its ‘Touch’ range of devices using Windows Mobile OS. The HTC MAX 4G integrated handset, heralded as the world’s first commercial device of its kind, will become available on 26th November to customers of Scartel, which is […]

Clearwire only has eyes for mobile WiMAX

Clearwire has dramatically scaled down its marketing efforts for its fixed and nomadic services, which is based on ‘pre-WiMAX’ equipment from Motorola, as it focuses on mobile WiMAX rollout. “We focused our resources on the strategic priorities of preparing our upcoming mobile WiMAX markets for launch as well as successfully completing a proof of concept network […]

Vodafone Malta amends WiMAX mistake

Due to “human error” Vodafone Malta gave the wrong WiMAX subscriber data to regulator MCA (Malta Communications Authority). As a result, the MCA stated in its Communications Market Review, January-June 2008, that the number of subscribers to Vodafone Malta’s WiMAX service was actually fewer in 2Q 2008 than the previous quarter, going from 2,867 to […]

FCC approves New Clearwire, IPCS objects

The FCC has given the go-ahead to the New Clearwire Corporation joint venture, which has plans to roll out mobile WiMAX across the US. Comprising Sprint Nextel (51 percent) and Clearwire (27 percent) – with the remaining equity held by Intel, Google, TimeWarner Cable, Comcast and Bright House Networks – AT&T had objected to the […]

Dual mode WiMAX/LTE chipsets by 2009

Next year will see the arrival of dual mode WiMAX/LTE chipsets, according to analyst firm ABI Research. The demand, says ABI, will come from wireless device makers looking for greater economies of scale and to reduce the number of SKUs (stock-keeping units) that comes from creating devices that support both 4G standards. “Some mobile operators […]

CDMA players bet on LTE, WiMAX

An unusual announcement came through from the CDMA Development Group (CDG) Tuesday morning, claiming that CDMA operators will be among the first to roll out LTE and Mobile WiMAX. Pitching a 4G strategy based on cooperation with other industry organisations is a dramatic turnaround for the CDG, whose conflicts with lobby groups for competing 2G […]

Telefonica puts WiMAX on trial in Brazil

Telefonica, in cooperation with Motorola and Intel, has started a mobile WiMAX trial in Sao Paulo. The pilot, which involves around 150 users, is using the 2.5GHz frequency band and is aiming to provide 2Mbps on the downlink and 600Kbps on the uplink. The trial partners reportedly want to make the WiMAX service commercially available […]

India delays 3G, WiMAX licensing until next year

India’s much anticipated auctions for 3G and WiMAX licences look to have been delayed further and may now not take place until next year. The hold up appears to be a result of the government failing to clear the relevant radio spectrum in nine circles, or operating regions, out of India’s total of 22. In […]

XG investor to be first customer for WiMAX rival

US startup XG Technology revealed this week that it has scored an infrastructure contract to deploy its obscure wireless broadband technology. XG has been flitting in and out of the news for the past couple of years and the industry seems divided over the potential of the secretive firm’s technology, which is pitched as a […]

Sprint unveils WiMAX-embedded laptops for Xohm

At a press event in Baltimore, a city where Sprint’s mobile WiMAX service is already up and running, the third-largest US mobile operator has unveiled its first batch of WiMAX-enabled notebooks. The notebook manufacturers are Toshiba, Asus, Acer and Lenovo; a total of eight models are available initially and four more are expected before the […]

Mobile WiMAX lands: Xohm out of the gates in Baltimore

Barry West, president of Xohm, the mobile WIMAX business unit of Sprint, has been as good as his word. After missing the original Xohm commercial launch deadline in April 2008, West subsequently pledged that the service would launch during September in the east coast city of Baltimore. And so it has with just a day […]

WiMAX dongle set to boost market

The certification of Chinese vendor Huawei’s 802.16e USB dongle by the WiMAX Forum last week is an “industry milestone” and should give the mobile WiMAX market a significant boost in the near term. So says Dean Bubley, founder of consulting firm Disruptive Analysis. “Given their track record of ramping up volumes, plus their enviable record […]

Vertical apps key for WiMAX, says analyst

Vertical services will account for 24 per cent of WiMAX subscriptions and 14 per cent of LTE subscriptions by 2014. This is one of the headline findings from a new report by Senza Fili Consulting: “Bringing Wireless Broadband to Vertical Markets: a high-margin revenue stream from operators and compelling services for enterprises.” According to the […]

WiMAX and LTE set to battle over US D block

US communications regulator the FCC is to take another crack at auctioning off the so called ‘D block’ of 700MHz spectrum, with FCC chairman Kevin Martin proposing new and more attractive conditions. Earlier this year, the D block was one of eight licences that remained unsold after failing to meet its reserve price of $1.3bn […]

Alcatel-Lucent, Motorola “leaders” in WiMAX

During the three months ended 30 June 2008, vendors Alcatel-Lucent and Motorola accounted for over two thirds of worldwide mobile WiMAX equipment revenue. This is according to Infonetics Research, which describes the two suppliers as “runaway leaders” in the 802.16e equipment market. And their lead is increasing. During the first quarter of this year, Alcatel-Lucent […]

Scartel brings mobile WiMAX to Russia

Scartel, which aims to provide broadband internet services in Russia over mobile WiMAX, has announced the pilot launch of 802.16e networks in Moscow and St Petersburg. Using 150 base stations in Moscow and 80 base stations in St Petersburg – all of which are supplied by Samsung and use the 2.5-2.7GHz frequency band – Scartel is able […]

Enforta ramps up WiMAX expansion in Russia

Privately-held Enforta has announced it is expanding its wireless broadband presence to an additional 13 cities in Russia next month. This will extend its reach to a total of 68 cities in the country. The additional 13 cities are scheduled to go live by the end of 2008. This year has been one of rapid […]

Sprint names location partners for Xohm

With only weeks to go before Xohm goes live in Baltimore, US, Sprint has announced a string of partners that will provide location-based and personalised services over the mobile WiMAX network. “The Xohm mobile broadband experience will be largely location-centric,” explains Rick Robinson, vice president of Xohm services. “We’re creating a new dimension to online […]

Indian WiMAX winners can offer voice, says DoT

India’s Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has proposed that winners in the upcoming licence auctions for broadband wireless access (BWA) – read mobile WiMAX – will be able to offer voice as well as data services. But the dispensation comes at a price. Instead of calculating the BWA licence reserve price at 25 per cent of […]