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7th November, 2019 – 8:50 am to 2:00 pm
The Montcalm Marble Arch, London LIVE is all about bringing the experience into a live setting. Editors Scott Bicheno and Jamie Davies will host a series of live interviews and panel discussions,  with telecoms industry executives and analysts, on the sector’s hottest topics.

In keeping with the editorial style the most important feature of the event will be open, honest and gloves-off commentary. Scott and Jamie won’t be reporting on what was said, so everyone involved can speak freely.

Attendance is essential for anyone working in the telecoms industry who wants to compare notes on exploiting opportunities, tackling threats and generally hearing the telecoms word on the street. This is a unique opportunity to refresh your awareness of the industry’s most pressing topics and hopefully join in some entertaining banter too.

Please note we will be operating this event Chatham House rules in order to encourage the conversation to be as open and uninhibited as possible. To completely protect the confidentiality of anyone who speaks at the event no media other than our own will be permitted.

Complete the form below to register to attend this event, all passes are subject to approval*.

*Due to capacity constraints vendors will be limited to two places per company.

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