Wi-Fi Calling – insights into real-world deployments

Wi-Fi Calling Webinar – Insights into real-world deployments

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Wi-Fi Calling service allows voice and messaging services over any Wi-Fi network. The next generation Wi-Fi Calling provides seamless mobility between LTE and a Wi-Fi network. With Apple’s recent support for Wi-Fi Calling and VoLTE on iPhone 6, the market for Wi-Fi Calling has accelerated and is the perfect customer retention tool wherever there are coverage gaps or unfriendly roaming conditions.

Join Aptilo Networks and Mavenir Systems, for this webinar with telecoms.com, where you will learn about the benefits of next-generation Wi-Fi Calling and how to get the critical components to work in real-world deployments.

You will also gain insights on the lessons learned from some of the world’s first next-generation Wi-Fi Calling deployments.

Topics discussed during this webinar include:

• What is next-generation Wi-Fi Calling?
• What are the benefits of Wi-Fi Calling for mobile operators, cable operators, and their subscribers?
• Things to consider when deploying Wi-Fi Calling.
• The Wi-Fi Calling architecture and how Aptilo and Mavenir address the challenges of real-world deployments with features that go beyond the standards.
• Lessons learned from some of the world’s first next-generation Wi-Fi Calling deployments.

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  1. Avatar David Mayes 02/02/2015 @ 4:03 pm

    Rogers Wireless in Canada has productized “next generation WiFi” calling and texting as Rogers One Number. It is a popular subscriber add-on, particularly for those needing international calling. The Holy Grail is the end of all roaming and the ability to make calls from anywhere to anywhere without carriers gouging subscribers.

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