In the early 1900s, a board game called Monopoly emerged which intended to demonstrate the evils of land ownership. Screwing over one’s rivals, stifling competition and rinsing as much money out of customers as possible became the premise of the game. A game beloved the world over by millions of children and adults alike.

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Telco marketers have the tough task of growing revenue and improving loyalty as competitive pressure intensifies. Marketing teams run as many campaigns as possible. They use business intelligence tools to hunt for new customer segments. They develop and deploy targeting rules, and they perform A/B tests to run experiments. Yet as time goes on, they realize that their testing and optimization tools have produced diminishing returns.

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The mobile networks in Africa have grown beyond the reach of grid electricity and mobile operators have deployed a significant part of their tower infrastructure in areas without any access to grid electricity infrastructure….Energy Service Companies will take the responsibility by handling power system investment and daily activities for Mobile Network Operators in exchange for a fee. [1]

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Many of the things that regularly anger and frustrate the Informer would doubtless be considered trivial or even inconsequential by most other people, especially those with real problems. The Informer is not alone in acknowledging this sort of thing and the current trend is to categorise relatively minor issues as ‘first world problems’. These range […]

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Wi-Fi calling announcements are turning a lot of heads right now. Since T-Mobile USA and Apple whipped up a storm in September last year, the launch of Wi-Fi calling has become a priority across the industry. The level of attention drawn by EE’s release in the UK this week suggests discussions around Wi-Fi calling will remain prominent in the industry for some time to come.

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The network can “make or break” the Internet of Things – for all stakeholders. It has to be understood that the IoT revolution will only succeed when it’s supported by a machine-to-machine (M2M) capable network that allows scalable deployment, secure delivery, cost-effective operations, and fast time to market of new devices and applications.

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Ken Kennedy, CTO of CSG International, talks about his company’s new Ascendon platform, that help companies launch, monetize and scale new digital services.

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George Osborne’s budget, announced a few weeks ago, was his last chance to stake a claim as the Chancellor who really understands the needs of the telecoms sector. I welcome his broad strategy to deliver better, faster fixed and mobile broadband, extend superfast and ultrafast broadband, and grant extra funding to support opening up the 700MHz spectrum for mobile use. But these are all, at their heart, consumer-facing policies. When it comes to competition within the telecoms industry itself, the Chancellor was less convincing.

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As Vodafone’s UK Enterprise Director, Phil Mottram is keen to point out when we meet in at Vodafone’s offices in Paddington, it’s not his place to comment on the pro and cons on the consolidation currently underway in the UK consumer telecoms market. Specifically, of course, this refers to the proposed acquisitions of EE by BT and O2 by 3 (Hutchison Whampoa), or as we like to call them at Telecoms Towers: BTEE and O5.

Jörn Leogrande, EVP Mobile Services, Wirecard


Jörn Leogrande, EVP Mobile Services at Wirecard, talks through his company’s new HCE NFC payment solution, which allows payments to be made via wearable devices.



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