The Informer enjoyed the company of the great and good of UK telecoms commentary over a glass of wine recently and conversation soon turned to the Internet of Things. There can surely be no greater pleasure in life than arguing the toss over the meaning of a buzzword with a group of like-minded professionals.

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There’s no denying that the telecommunications industry is at a crossroads. With revenues from core services at a standstill, most are facing a stark choice – move into new markets or accept a controlled decline into eventual oblivion. And yet, according to the analyst firm Ovum, the telecoms sector will be one of the top industries for IT spending over the next 12 to 18 months. So how will this money be invested?

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Okay, so I haven’t been ‘first to press’ with my ‘tech radar’ intuition, and other industry pundits have certainly pipped me to the post with their seemingly all-knowing telecom predictions for 2015 – well, I didn’t want to be predictable (excuse the pun) yet here I am with my tuppence worth. Is it too late to wish everyone a happy New Year?



Arto Tiitinen, CEO of vehicle tracking company Tramigo, explains why his company has been especially successful in Africa and how it is well positioned to offer new M2M revenues to sub-Saharan operators.



The corporate blog is a strange beast. Some time ago the business world apparently decided it wasn’t enough to just produce press releases, white papers, etc, it needed to blog too. In principal a corporate blog should be a much more informal form of external communication.

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As LTE is deployed worldwide, seamless communications amongst all forms of devices and access methods to the All-IP LTE core are advancing daily. There are now more new services, at higher speeds, and with greater reliability than ever before. These advances bring new revenue opportunities but also new and advanced security threats.

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In order to successfully participate in a spectrum auction, the importance of correctly valuing spectrum cannot be overstated. If values are too low, operators risk not acquiring spectrum that could have created value for their shareholders. If values are too high, operators risk destroying value by paying more than the value they can create.



The technology industry never gets to work its way gently into the New Year, thanks to the staging of the Consumer Electronics show in the first week of January. While the show aims to set the consumer technology tone for the year, it’s also the home for some of the most unlikely and downright bizarre gadgets, of which this is just a small selection.

There are many pieces in the puzzle to get right for effective service delivery


CSPs looking to deliver professional services need to ensure they have the right people, in the right job, at the right time. Added to this, they must have a firm grip on costs and margins in order to correctly price services and ensure profitability. To do this, they need access to accurate data that ensures they can track all the moving parts of their professional services offerings.


interview grabbed a few minutes with China Mobile’s Chih-Lin I at LTE North America to discuss the technical challenges in the evolution towards a 5G era. This video shows part two of the two-part video interview.


interview grabbed a few minutes with China Mobile’s Chih-Lin I at LTE North America to discuss the technical challenges in the evolution towards a 5G era.



What would you consider the main inhibitor to cloud adoption in your organisation?

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