Android, Windows feature in new handset lineups

Android, Windows Mobile 6.5 feature in new handset lineups

We must be in the run up to Christmas already, if the slew of handset announcements this week is anything to go by.

Android is gaining traction, with the unveiling of not only the Pulse from Huawei, but also the Galaxy i7500 from Samsung, which will be available on O2 UK.

The Galaxy is Samsung’s first Android powered device and boasts a 3.2inch AMOLED touchscreen, GPS, 3G HSPA, a five megapixel camera, and is available for free on a £45 per month tariff.

Not to be outdone, compatriot Korean vendor LG also hinted at three new devices based on the Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system. No names are available as yet, but LG has said that it will introduce a full touchscreen device, a touch slider with QWERTY keyboard and a QWERTY candy bar handset.

Also getting in on the Windows Mobile 6.5 action was HTC with the announcement of the Touch2 and Sony Ericsson with the Xperia X2.  Vodafone is mopping up a number of these devices, including one of LG’s forthcoming Windows phones as well as the Xperia X2, but is also introducing eight own-branded devices too, featuring a QWERTY business phone, a couple of touchscreens and some entry level devices for the UK.

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