Skype introduces cross-platform video calling

Telstra has completed the world's first LTE Broadcast session on a commercial LTE network

Skype has upped its game in the mobile market, with the announcement of a “killer ability” that has long been waited for: cross platform video calling.

Users of Skype’s Android app will finally be able to make video calls, not only to other Android users but also to iPhones, laptops and PCs from their smartphones. According to a post on Skype’s official blog, users will also be able to send SMSs via the service “at a far cheaper rate than most networks.” The video calling service will work over both wifi and 3G connections.

In addition to the video calling, Skype has said it has completely redesigned its Android user interface to facilitate easier navigation through contacts, profiles and the dialling pad. A new mood message box in the app menu is designed to give a Facebook-style feel to the application, allowing users to “share how you are feeling, what you’ve seen or what you’re up to.”

The video calling service requires devices to run Android 2.3 and above and have a front-facing camera. Currently supported handsets include Google’s Nexus S and Sony Ericsson’s Xperia Neo, with plans to roll out support for other Android devices “very soon.”

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