Intel launches IoT platform for retail

Intel IoT platform

US chip giant Intel has unveiled a suite of tech tools designed specifically for the retail market, including a new IoT platform.

The Intel Retail Sensor Platform is based on the Intel IoT Platform, which is a reference model and set of products designed to accelerate IoT adoption by industry. The retail product consists of a retail sensor, a gateway, and the Intel Trusted Analytics Platform to near-real-time intelligence for retailers, with Levi Strauss and Co currently piloting it in the US.

In addition Intel has announced a bunch of other retail solutions, some of which use its RealSence technology, which uses an array of cameras to allow people to interact with computers via gestures, facial expressions, etc. New tools include body scanning for custom clothing sizing and virtual reality retail.

“Retailers seem to be turning a corner in terms of using new technologies to better understand their business and connect with customers,” said Joe Jensen, VP of Intel’s Retail Solutions Division. “In fact, Lightspeed POS recently found that, compared to last year, twice as many independent retailers are currently investing in technology that uses data analytics and software to make smarter buying decisions.”

“We want to serve customers in new and unique ways and we’re constantly testing how technology can enhance our service experience,” Scott Meden, GMM of Shoes at retailer Nordstrom. “In our shoe business, fit is a critical component of serving customers and we’re excited to explore improving the accuracy and convenience of finding the right size.”

In other news Intel has also launched its latest generation of Core vPro processors for business PCs that contain built-in security features such as multifactor authentication. With the consumer PC market in perpetual slow decline, the business market is increasingly important for Intel, which has historically made most of its money from PC chips.

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