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Intelligence Logo (2)Telecoms.com Intelligence, the analysis arm of Telecoms.com, works in conjunction with your company to create an independent, unbiased piece of content about your company’s service or solutions which can be used to educate your target audience.

The finished product is a professionally designed, high-quality, co-branded piece of content which can be used time and time again for your own marketing purposes.

All final content is published on Telecoms.com and promoted via a multi-channel promotional campaign to drive awareness and data capture. At the end of the campaign receive a detailed report and GDPR compliant leads of everyone who downloaded/viewed your piece of content.

Content creation services include:
• Whitepapers
• Survey Reports
• Ebooks
• Multi-sponsored Industry Surveys

Telecoms.com offers fully-managed live or pre-recorded audio webinars on the topic of your choice. Our audio webinars allow multiple speakers from around the world to present, discuss a presentation and participate in a live Q&A with the audience.

Created to highlight your company’s products and/or solutions, the content of a whitepaper is written by our Telecoms.com Intelligence team in conjunction with your company. Share information and insight on your chosen business, products or technology area.

Survey Report
Gain valuable insight into your market by conducting a survey to our database on the topic of your choice. The Telecoms.com Intelligence team convert the survey results into a co-branded report with graphs and charts.

Telecoms.com Intelligence works with your content and transforms it into a high-quality, rich content eBook designed to engage and educate readers. Compared to white papers, ebooks are typically more visual in nature and are supported by striking infographics and imagery.

Multi-Sponsored Industry Surveys

Throughout the year Telecoms.com runs a number of niche surveys, designed to take a snapshot of the telecoms industry’s attitude on the hottest topics.  The results from the survey are written up into a special report which is published on Telecoms.com.

White Papers, Survey Reports and Case Studies:

For more information on working with Telecoms.com Intelligence, please contact: sales@telecoms.com

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