5G and Cloud Native – Changing the Game

Date: 11th July Time: 3pm London BST 5G means a reinvention of the telecom network.  By bringing cloud native applications to telecoms, 5G opens up many new use cases and opportunities to develop new business models and revenue streams. This will change how telecoms software is developed and delivered. Join this webinar to learn: Why […]

Turning Enterprise Network Transformation Into New Value for Service Providers

This webinar will be hosted on our sister site, Light Reading. Date: 27th June Time: 3pm London BST Digital transformation is having a profound effect on how organizations are re-evaluating their future networking needs. This not only impacts how they will deliver their own internal IT requirements, but also the approaches they need to take […]

Road to 5G, Built on Fibre

This webinar will be hosted on our sister site, Light Reading. Date: 14th June Time: 3pm London BST 5G promises to change the way we live our lives, with unprecedented services and unparalleled user experiences. With the heavy expectations of delivering up to 1,000 times increased bandwidth, 100 times more connected devices and latency of […]

Creating and Executing Effective GDPR Implementation Strategies

This webinar will be hosted by our sister publication Light Reading. Date: 8th May Time: 3pm London (BST)  This month, the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) initiative will become law and subject to regulatory compliance enforcement. In order to ensure complete adherence to this legislation, Communications Service Providers (CSPs) must prepare themselves on […]

NFV Adoption: Empowering Telcos to Manage Their Own Destiny

Date: 2nd May Time: 2pm London (BST) SDN and NFV have been hot topics over the past few years.  However, there are few SDN and NFV production deployments. Telcos have overestimated the maturity of SDN & NFV solutions and they’ve underestimated the complexity of implementing them in their environments. The Red Hat Services team has been […]

Why Voice Quality Is Still a Differentiator in Today’s Mobile Networks

THIS WEBINAR IS A DUAL BROADCAST Date: 26th April  Time: 9am and 5pm London (BST) CLICK HERE to register for the 9am London broadcast Time Variations: 10am Paris / 12pm Dubai / 4pm Singapore CLICK HERE to register for the 5pm London broadcast Time Variations: 6pm Paris / 12pm New York /  9am San Francisco  The proportion of mobile network […]

The Road to 5G: European Momentum

Date: 19th April  Time: 2pm London (BST) The webinar will discuss the momentum behind 5G in Europe, what the key next steps are from a technology, spectrum and regulatory standpoint and the operators that are accelerating the commercial rollout. The webinar will address the opportunities for 5G, in both sub-6 and mmWave, from three distinct […]

The Future of Customer Care in the AI Era

Date: March 20th, 2018 Time: 4pm London (GMT) In this digital transformation era, customer care centers in telcos will be heavily influenced to optimize operations and to empower their agents and their customers through the power of AI. This Telecoms.com webinar, presented jointly by Microsoft and Amdocs, will review the current state of customer care […]

IoT: Simplifying the Path to Revenue

Date: February 14th, 2018 Time: 2pm London (GMT) We are evolving into a world of connected… everything.  As IoT connects the world, it is also breaking down industry borders, enabling new business models and opening endless new avenues to extract revenue through device connections, managing complex platform and service ecosystems, customer-centric product and service offerings […]

Are You Really Taking Care of QoE in Your Mobile Network?

THIS WEBINAR IS A DUAL BROADCAST Date: December 14th Time: 10am and 5pm London GMT CLICK HERE to register for the 10am London broadcast Time Variations: 11am Paris / 2pm Dubai / 6pm Singapore CLICK HERE to register for the 5pm London broadcast Time Variations:6pm Paris / 12pm New York /  9am San Francisco  With operators under pressure […]

Digital BSS, Quick Wins and 101 Use Cases

Date: December 13th Time: 3pm London UK (GMT) Digital BSS needs to adapt and support your business. Not the other way around. Service providers shouldn’t be held captive by vendor lock-in and need to wait for a lengthy and expensive change requests to enable them to compete. This is changing. New advances are enabling Digital […]

Rebuilding OSS for NFV and the Digital Era

Date: November 29th Time: 3.00 p.m London Operational Support Systems are, frankly, a mess. They struggle to support a mish-mash of existing technologies let alone the coming wave of NFV. On top of that they are a roadblock to the much-needed digital transformation of the telecom business itself. Accepting the need to change, where should CSPs […]

The Future of Virtual Agents in the AI Era

This Telecoms.com webinar, presented jointly by Forrester & Amdocs, provides an extensive analysis of the current state of virtual agents at communication and media service providers. It will introduce key industry trends in the area of artificial intelligence in general and chatbots in particular, analyze how service providers are investing resources to take advantage of these technologies, and look at how service providers are perceived in the eyes of the customer.

Service Assurance and the Cloud: Pragmatic Implementation Strategies for CSPs

Date: Thursday November 9th Time: 4.00 p.m GMT /  11.00 a.m ET Service Assurance (SA) like many other network capabilities is undergoing a period of profound change as it adjusts to the realities of the cloud era. These realities stem from a shift where services will be delivered, as well as even a shift in […]

Revenue Management: Enabling the Digital Service Provider Evolution – CSP Survey Analysis

Date: Wednesday, November 08 Time: 09:00 AM GMT The ability to monetize new services quickly and reliably has always been the focus for Revenue Management teams within Communication Service Providers. However, the digital transformation of their businesses is now challenging existing capabilities and driving a whole new set of expectations for revenue management. As an industry we […]

BSS is Being Re-Imagined – What Does this Mean to Your Business?

BSS is being turned on its head. This is being driven by telcos changing their business models and vendors evolving how they develop and offer solutions. But how does this effect the current BSS and IT operations of a telco? How can they manage through this change and meet the daily challenges and never ending requests from marketing and the business?

How to fall in love with VoLTE!

Date: Thursday, October 12, 2017 Time:  3pm UK BST/ 10am USA EDT How to fall in love with VoLTE! Easy for you, unforgettable for your customer! In this webinar we will draw on Nokia’s global experience with VoLTE technology and discuss best practice deployment and optimization methodolgies for operators that want to achieve fast, trouble-free service launch. […]

Wireless & Wired – Building a Converged Network

Date: November 7th Time: 3pm London, 10am New York 5G is coming, and service providers are building extensive fiber access networks to reach small cells, radios with CRAN fronthaul and other wireless nodes at the network edge. Our previous webinar, “Network Convergence, the Future of Central Offices,”  looked at the consequences of convergence for the […]

Network Convergence & the Future of Central Offices

C-RAN deployments are gaining momentum, and 5G is on the horizon. To maximize asset utilization and simplify infrastructure, service providers are considering the convergence of their wireline and wireless networks.In addition, the development of software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) may mean big changes for the Central Office. How big? Explore the impact of network convergence and the approaching passive infrastructure challenges on your Central Office.


Following comments from the European Data Protection Supervisor, do you feel the internet giants are taking advantage of the digital economy?

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