Build 5G Wireless Networks And Systems With Software Defined Radio

5G network wireless systems

Download the latest edition of NI’s Wireless Research Handbook, which includes research examples from around the world and across a wide range of advanced wireless research topics. This comprehensive look at next-generation wireless systems will offer you a more in-depth view of how prototyping can enhance research results.

Applications include:

  • Flexible Waveform Shaping Based on UTW-OFDM for 5G and Beyond
  • Flexible Real-Time Waveform Generator for Mixed-Service Scenarios
  • In-Band Full-Duplex SDR for MAC Protocol with Collision Detection
  • Bandwidth-Compressed Spectrally Efficient Communication System
  • World-Leading Parallel Channel Sounder Platform
  • Distributed Massive MIMO: Algorithm for TDD Reciprocity Calibration
  • Wideband/Opportunistic Map-Based Full-Duplex Radios
  • An Experimental SDR Platform for In-Band D2D Communications in 5G
  • Wideband Multichannel Signal Recorder for Radar Applications
  • Passive and Active Radar Imaging
  • Multiantenna Technology for Reliable Wireless Communication
  • Radio Propagation Analysis for he Factories of the Future

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