Microwave Technology Innovations – Whitepaper June 2013

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Microwave (MW) technologies lead the backhaul evolution toward next-generation mobile networks. While primarily considered as macro-cell backhaul solution, in the upcoming 4G mobile network landscape, MW technologies also extend to the small-cell layer, hence proposing a unified backhaul approach. Two, very significant innovations are introduced:

  • New, high-capacity backhaul nodes aggregate traffic in the critical points of the backhaul network with dense radio links on towers. The new nodes considerably reduce equipment footprint, both in the antenna mast and indoors. Furthermore, these nodes are capable to support every PtP and PtMP architecture, thus extending operation to the area-licensed spectrum MW bands. More importantly, such telecomgrade equipment considerably reduces operation and network management complexity and costs.
  • Field-proven MW technology is re-engineered to a more compact and aesthetically-pleasant form factor, suitable for street-level deployment and small-cell backhaul applications. All the benefits of MW spectrum are preserved, while new, game-changing auto-alignment and auto-provisioning features come into play.

MW technologies, when supported by innovation and flexible architecture, can best fit the diverse mobile
backhaul scenario requirements.

zzzIntracom Whitepaper - June 2013

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