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Connecting Africa: from the Serengeti to the Sahara

It’s not just the continent’s population that presents such a good opportunity for the African telecoms industry, but also, its relative lack of installed infrastructure in both communications and banking.

Connected cars: the platform of the future

These emerging services point the way to a new and incredibly potent upcoming market for service providers – the untapped potential to deliver new services direct to consumer is almost unparalleled in modern society.

The need for an effective packet core in IoT

If IoT is to truly take off and its full capabilities realised, operators must be prepared to maintain enough capacity in the core network, and more importantly, manage the connections to it without creating bottlenecks.

Global Mobile Broadband Forum: An Overview

Mobile AI, the evolution of mobile broadband architectures and the latest insights into 5G will all feature prominently at this year’s Global Mobile Broadband Forum in London.

GDPR: A significant global roadblock for connected cars?

By tracking things like driver behaviour, car location and vehicle condition, mobile operators can create a wealth of driver data that can be used to generate personalized and tailored services from themselves and third-party providers.

Infographic: The future of smart homes

A mirror which gives you skincare advice or a device which tells you what your dog is saying; how ready are you for the home of tomorrow? Here, Heshaam Hague, Outreach Executive from Service Octopus give us a view into what the smart homes of the future will look like.

Turning small interactions into big revenue

In the ever-more competitive market for users’ attention and business, the relationship that CSPs have with their subscribers means that they know their customers better than anyone.

10 years of the iPhone periodically invites expert third parties to share their views on the industry’s most pressing issues. In this piece Biju Nair, HLYA Mobile’s CEO, give his thoughts on a decade with the iPhone.

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How have open source groups influenced the development of virtualization in telecoms?

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