German strike scaled back

German workers union Ver.di is expected to pull around 5,000 Deutsche Telekom staffers off strike on Friday as it scales back industrial action.

The news comes amid reports that both parties have redoubled efforts to reach an accord.

The strike was launched late last month in protest over staff outsourcing and wage cuts and involved some 15,000 workers.

The German incumbent has drawn fire over plans to outsource 50,000 staff to three new companies, with new contracts expected to include lower wages and longer working hours.

The strikes are targeting technical infrastructure engineers, call centres and high street retail outlets.

Ver.di’s leadership claims that the terms of the staff transfer, which affects mostly call-centre staff in the carrier’s T-Service division, will amount to a nince per cent pay cut with increased hours. The union demands that the company offers more money and a long term agreement in return for its consent to the transfer.

Industrial has action darkened the skies over Deutsche Telekom further since the carrier’s management claimed the transfer is urgently needed to reduce costs after a disastrous first quarter.

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