Demon UK to offer priority service for gamers

UK ISP Demon, run by Thus and owned by Cable & Wireless seems to be a first mover in embracing the concept of a tiered internet service.

This week the fixed line network operator launched a broadband package targeted specifically at gamers. Demon Game Pro will offer speeds of up to 20Mb downstream and 1Mb upstream, a bundled wireless router, traffic prioritisation and a free static IP address. The service will also be supported by a 24 hour, UK based in-house technical support team.

The package will cost £21.99 per month with a 12 month contract, although that price is likely to rise after an initial offer period.

Matt Cantwell, head of Demon, said: “At Demon we appreciate that a better connection allows better gaming, and are confident that gamers will see the benefits that this service offers them.”

This is another example of how operators are building a case for charging users to prioritise certain traffic and services by in effect developing a private network with different rules. The net neutrality debate is rumbling on worldwide and recently reared its head again amid concerns that Google and Verizon have been collaborating on a plan that could decide the future of the internet.

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