Malaysian WiMAX operator P1 to go LTE

Malaysian operator Packet One (P1) has announced its intention to implement a TD-LTE network towards the end of 2012. The operator, which launched in 2008 is better known for its WiMAX rollouts and currently has over 280,000 subscribers on that service. Malaysia continues to be something of a happy hunting ground for WiMAX technology, with YTL Communications and REDtone among the other operators in that country using it.

P1’s announcement that it will implement LTE pending approval from the Malaysian regulator has set tongues wagging that it’s another indicator of WiMAX’s impending demise. Last year, Russian operator Yota announced its intention to migrate away from WiMAX and into LTE while several Indian operators, including Reliance, have all chosen to move in the LTE direction, despite early predictions that WiMAX would be the technology of choice on the subcontinent.

P1, which last year sold a 25 per cent stake to South Korean giant SK Telecom (which, in turn, has been talking LTE with China Mobile) has said that the company is not pulling away from its WiMAX investments and that it intends to run the technologies concurrently.

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