Consumers accepting of targeted advertising

Mobile phone users are more accepting of targeted advertising on their handsets, according to some surprising research released this week.

A survey conducted by research house Harris Interactive, on behalf of mobile marketing firm Enpocket found that targeted mobile advertising is 50 per cent more acceptable to mobile internet users than untargeted ads.

Of those interviewed, 78 per cent said they would be happy to receive mobile advertising that is tailored to their interests and 64 per cent of those would be willing to provide personal details to improve relevance of targeted ads.

The majority, 58 per cent, said that banner ads on mobile internet pages are far more preferable that marketing text messages.

More than 1,200 mobile internet users across the US, Europe and India were interviewed for the Consumer Mobile Advertising report.

“Consumers are ready for mobile advertising but with an important caveat: ads must be targeted,” said Mike Baker, chief executive of Enpocket. “Operators have the demographic, transactional and behavioural data necessary to deliver marketing and advertising that meets the consumer need for relevant advertising on this most personal of devices,” he said.

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