Huawei, China Telecom claim the first optical transport SDN

Huawei, China Telecom Fujian (CTF) and China Telecom Beijing Research Institute (CTBRI) have announced the successful completion of what they claim is the world’s first transport software defined network (T-SDN) deployment.

The T-SDN enables an intelligent private line bandwidth on demand (BoD) app for VIP customers over a transport network, as well as an IP + optical synergy for data centres. CTBRI headed the innovation for the BoD app, while Huawei provided the network side T-SDN controller.

The app allows tenants to apply for private line services online, which are provided immediately while tenants can also adjust the service bandwidth of private lines in real-time depending on traffic volume. Operators can monitor each customer’s service performance, which allows for customer behaviour analysis and prediction.

SDN has been one of the industry’s buzzwords of recent years but lately it has proved to be more than just hype. Huawei said it is an advocate of the technology, as well as that of network functions virtualisation (NFV), and as such is committed to developing SDN architectures for domains including mobile backhaul, data centres, backbone networks, and smart metro networks.

The Chinese network infrastructure specialist said the centralised control mode and open platform features of SDN are transforming transport networks, with new services and applications such as the BoD app, virtual customer networks, SMD virtual test instruments, cloud and network synergy, and automatic online operation emerging. The company claims these technologies are making network operation simpler and more refined, while also offering better service experience on transport networks.

“Huawei cooperated with China Telecom to deploy the innovative BoD private line app based on the transport SDN,” Zha Jun, President of Huawei Fixed Network Product Line, said. “The deployment is a key milestone that effectively pushes progress of the transport SDN industry. Huawei will continue to cooperate with China Telecom in developing cutting-edge 400G, 1T, 2T, and SDN technologies, and building a flexible, synergetic, intelligent, and open next-generation transport network.”

Private line services is said to be an area offering valuable capitalising opportunities to major operators such as China Telecom. The Chinese incumbent said it has drafted an “internet-based transformation road map”, and transport SDN will be an important focus in the coming years.

“We are glad to cooperate with Huawei in the optical transport SDN field and to have successfully deployed the world’s first innovative T-SDN,” Zhang Chengliang, Vice President of CTBRI said. “The deployment proves that SDN-based open architecture and the standard northbound interface can realize various innovative applications and interwork with network platforms. It is a key milestone for the development of transport SDN.”

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