Google says it won’t participate in US 600 MHz auction

Internet giant Google has moved to address speculation ahead of the impending US 600 MHz incentive auction by publicly declaring it won’t be participating.

The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) announced last summer that the auction for licensed spectrum in the 600 MHz band would take place on 29 March this year. The application filing window closed on 10 February, after which no additional applications for participation in the auction will be accepted.

Google sent statements to both Reuters and Recode, clarifying its position in response to speculation that it may look to take its Project Fi to the next level by grabbing some spectrum of its own. “Like all those interested in improved connectivity and equitable access, we’ll be following the upcoming spectrum auction closely. That said, we have not filed to participate,” said the statement.

That probably just leaves the big four US MNOs bidding for this low-frequency spectrum repurposed from the TV broadcast industry. It might be of greatest interest to Sprint and T-Mobile due to its superior range and this coverage properties, while AT&T and Verizon may conclude their strategic needs are better served by investing in urban capacity improvements.

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